Looking at Tuning Movies from Around the World

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Over the last decade, the internet has quickly become one of the fastest means of telecommunications that our generation has ever seen. In an unprecedented move, there are hundreds of tuning movies that are available on the internet today, as they all offer the car lovers something that they can appreciate with the interior and exterior tuning up of popular and classic vehicles.

One of the popular tuning movies that can be viewed from other countries are the vw tuning and carstyling pictures that are available. Some of the more popular ones come from Germany, as this is where the Volkswagen vehicle hails from. This is a great means of others from various countries to take a look at what all people in alternate countries has to offer for their personal pictures of their vehicles. The Mercedes Benz is also known to be popular, as they are known to be some of the most elegant vehicles that are available on the road today. Mercedes- Benz tuning pictures and movies are also available on the internet today, as there is always an increase in interest for car tuning videos.

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What Exactly are Master-Planned Communities?

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If you’re not familiar with master-planned communities and you are looking for real estate in Utah, it’s a good idea to find out what they’re all about. There are many, many opportunities to purchase some terrific real estate in these communities. Homes for Sale in Daybreak are just one option. There are many other master-planned communities featuring brand new, affordable residential housing such as the Homes for Sale in Traverse Mountain.

Master-planned communities are large developments designed to contain one or more neighborhoods. The homes in each neighborhood are built to a similar architectural theme although different houses do have different floor plans and features may be upgraded. In the Salt Lake City area, master plan houses often reflect those found in older style neighborhoods. They may look very similar to Real Estate for Sale in Cotton Wood Heights on the outside, but feature more modern designs and energy efficient fixtures inside.

These communities are often focused on a geographic feature such as mountains or a lake, so they tend to offer spectacular views. All of the amenities you could desire are featured right within the master planned community including recreational areas, parks, schools, golf courses, retail establishments and even offices. They typically also feature easy highway access and public transportation system access. The convenience this affords residents is the main attraction and advantage of master-planned communities.

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Should You Consider Cosmetic Dentistry?

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We hear so much about cosmetic dentistry, its unofficial slogan has almost become a cliche. Cosmetic dentistry can “enhance your smile,” but what exactly does that mean? In terms of cosmetic dentistry, it could mean Laser Cosmetic Surgery or other non-laser techniques that make your teeth straighter, whiter, better shaped, more evenly spaced or in place if you’re missing teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can help with so many conditions it is hard to list them all. It can correct cracked, broken or chipped teeth. It can also whiten discolored or stained teeth and even out crooked teeth. Whether you go to a Utah Cosmetic Dentist or one in any other state, they can correct practically anything detracting from your smile. Procedures vary, but they are often fast, painless and require little healing time.
Cosmetic dentistry is a fairly long-term solution, too although some procedures may need to be repeated after ten or fifteen years.

Perhaps the only drawback to cosmetic dentistry is the cost. You don’t need fancy Dental Software to find out your claim is going to be rejected. Most insurance policies don’t cover cosmetic dentistry, but you
should call your company to find out. You may still want to have procedures done though and you’re practically guaranteed to love the results. Consider saving up for that whiter, brighter smile. The cost of procedures might just come down as new and
better materials and techniques are developed.

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Ontario Catering

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Booking a catering service may seem that it simply entails picking up the phone and calling an Ontario Catering service and, in a way, it is. However, it is critical to work with the caterer in order to properly set up the event. Probably the best way to start would be to set up an appointment with the catering service and set up a meeting so as to discuss what type of an event you are having and what your specific needs and wants may be. You want to be and the same page as the caterer and that means providing them with critical information. For example, it is important to let the catering company know how many people will be attending the event. Also, it is important to inform the catering company of the location of the event. If you have not yet decided on the specific location then the catering location may very well be able to provide you will the particular location you would be interested in. Also, it is very critically important to inform the catering company what exactly your budget is and how much you are able to spend. If you follow this course of action, you will provide the catering service all the necessary information in order to deliver to you exactly what you need.

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Questions to Ask Painters

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The initial conversation you have with any paint contractor is the most important. It sets the tone for your entire relationship and project. During this initial conversation there are several questions you should be asking the contractor. These questions will give you a good idea whether or not the painter is a good fit for your particular project.

How long Has the Contractor Been in Business?
The longer the company has been in business, the better. Longevity shows that there is customer loyalty. Loyalty means the work is completed with quality and precision.

How many projects do they complete in a year?
Although you want a paint contractor with plenty of experience, you do not want one that completes thousands of projects per year. High numbers could make your individual project fall between the cracks. Painters in south Edmonton, and house painting in east Edmonton is much better if there is an element of personal touch.

How long do projects take to complete?
If the contractor can work a time line out with you, all the better.

Is the bid an estimate or a price quote?
When you are comparing bids with other paint contractors, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. An estimate is much different than a price quote.

If you decide to change your mind in color or style, what type of fees are involved?
It is never ideal when you decide to change the color of your house when a quarter of the project is complete. The reality, however, is that it does happen. Make sure you know up front what would happen in this type of situation.

Can they provide a list of referrals?
Referrals are key. If you get a long list of quality referrals, you know you can trust the contractor.

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Searching For A Great Lawyer

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Most people would like to think that they are safe at all times, and will never need to worry about searching for attorneys in New Jersey. Unfortunately, bad things do happen and as a result, hiring a lawyer is sometimes the inevitable because everyone needs protection from the law or by the law sooner or later. If you get yourself into a situation that requires help from someone who thoroughly understands the legal system, then you may have reached the point where hiring a New Jersey law firm is necessary. Once you have hired a hard-working and knowledgeable attorney, you can rest assured that your needs will be met, and that you will constantly have someone on your side who can walk you through the entire legal process and who can protect you during the entire process as well.

Although lawyers tend to have a bad reputation, they are good people at heart who want to protect you, and to give you peace of mind by dealing with any legal issues that you have. So if a legal issue comes up and overwhelms you, call a local attorney in New Jersey and ask for help. You will certainly be glad that you did when your legal battle has ended.

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Reviews Make Sense of Today’s Technology

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If you’re into technology, you probably already know about the newest, Coolest Gadgets before they hit the market. Some people enjoy reading about new devices and always have their eye on
the electronics industry. Others want to take advantage of technology, but don’t have the keen interest that would keep them up to date and truly informed.

If you’re not up to date on electronics technology but you’re considering buying a new item, one great way to find out more is by reading online reviews. When you’re ready to buy a new camera but don’t have time to learn about everything that’s new,
you can refer to camera reviews. A quick online search will point you to Canon Camera Reviews that can help you decide which features and capabilities will best suit your needs. Once you’ve decided on some features, reviews can be a great way to
evaluate brands.

If you aren’t sure what brand you wish to buy, it’s easy to compare them with first hand accounts of various brands’ pros and cons. You can compare HP Camera Reviews with Fuji reviews, or any other brand. You can then make an informed decision without hours of research or complicated reading.

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How to Shop for a Laptop Battery Online

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Laptop batteries don’t last forever, and just as you need to replace your car battery every few years, you will need to buy a new laptop battery sooner or later. There are so many options for purchasing a new battery, whether it’s a or an HP or an Apple or any brand. If you shop around online, you’ll probably find you can get a new laptop battery at a very reasonable price.

The first step in buying a laptop battery is finding the exact one you need. If you don’t know, check your manual or look at the battery in your laptop. It will be clearly labeled so you will know exactly what to buy.

Once you’ve determined what battery you need, you can do some comparison shopping. If you have a favorite electronics supplier you have purchased from in the past, check to see if they have your battery. Note the price and shipping costs and do some comparisons. The ideal supplier for other electronics items or parts will not necessarily be the best one to buy your battery from.

It’s important to note both the price of the battery and the shipping costs when you’re shopping prices. Some suppliers offer very reasonable shipping, while others use shipping costs as an opportunity to increase their profits.

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Solutions For Organization

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Need to make informative information available to the client but do not want to be constantly handing it out? Try using a Point of Purchase Display. Many new and existing business owners enjoy the advantages of using such items to aid them in the distribution of their informative materials. The advantages make it much easier for the business owner to stay organized and save time. With such items as Wall Unit Displays a business can load all of the informational brochures or other documents into the display, refilling it only when necessary, and the customer or even an employee can choose what information they would like to take from the display.

This proves to be one easy alternative to constantly handing out information to others that may not even be interested or to just constantly handing it out. Most business owners combine the types of organizational items that they use, often choosing several different methods to make the ease of running the business a much more simple task. Even desks can be more organized by using a few key materials. Items such as Business Card Holders and tiered dividers can really help a person cut down on the clutter.

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Organize The Heavy Traffic Areas First

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Bathroom organization and kitchen organization may be your first stops in the road to organization because they are more heavily traveled areas, depending on how cluttered they are to begin with. Your organizational efforts should not stop here, however, as Office organization and your garage organization, hallway closets and even your laundry room are also important tasks that need the occasional consideration.

Organizing your home does not have to be expensive by any means, as there are lots of ways to keep yourself organized without spending a bundle. For example, when organizing holiday decorations, you can use small shoeboxes or photo boxes to store lights and small ornaments, and used wardrobe boxes to store larger decorations and such. While there are plenty of pricey options for large plastic tubs, fancy baskets and wire-rack organizers, cardboard boxes do just fine when you are working on a budget.

In the Kitchen organization begins with keeping your pantries, closets and refrigerator neat and tidy. Keeping your food clean and organized is a large step in keeping your entire kitchen organized. Buy small inexpensive racks to organize supplies under counters and in drawers. Plastic or wire silverware holders are great for organizing a variety of different objects, even an entire junk drawer.

Organizing on a budget is an easy task indeed. Begin with what you have on hand already, and only purchase new tools and storage devices, as you need them.

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Colon Cancer Screening Tests are Nothing to Fear

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Do you have a family history of colon cancer? Are you at risk for colon cancer due to Crohn’s disease or another condition? If so, your doctor may recommend screening for colorectal cancer at a significantly younger age than those without risk factors. Some doctors recommend screening by age 40 for high risk patients. If you are not at high risk, screening is recommended at age 50.

We all know early detection increases the odds of successful treatment and recovery from virtually all cancers. Since there aren’t usually symptoms in the early stages of many cancers, screening is critical to making a timely diagnosis. In the case of colorectal cancer, fear or apprehension about screening tests may lead some patients to avoid them.

Not only does avoiding screening tests put you at a greater risk of developing a more advanced case of colorectal cancer, there’s really nothing to fear in the first place. The screening tests people tend to dread the most are sigmoidoscopies, barrium enema tests and colonoscopies. Although any of these may be uncomfortable, they are not in the least bit painful for the majority of patients. Signoidoscopies and barrium contrast tests are usually only recommended every five years, while colonoscopies generally are only done once every 10 years. All three screening tests are also considered very safe.

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How to Find a Local Lender Online

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Are you shopping around for a home loan? One of the easiest ways to find a broker or local lender is by searching online. You can find a broker or lender in any specific area that will offer you great rates and the personalized service you are looking for. Start with your favorite search engine and shop for a lender located exactly where you would like.

How can you use a search engine to find a broker or lender in your area? If you want to eliminate lenders outside a specific geographic region, it is helpful to narrow your search. Instead of searching for “mortgage lender” on a search engine, include the city name as well as the zip code or telephone area code.

For example, if you are looking for an Orlando mortgage, typing the words Orlando and mortgage will return 2 million results in a popular search engine. Placing the phrase in quotation marks as in “Orlando mortgage” will bring you 51,000 instead. Adding the area code 407 after “Orlando mortgage” returns around 2,000 results. You could also try using one of Orlando’s zip codes for even more targeted results.

You can start contacting lenders sooner when you have access to exactly what you want in the first place. Although 2 thousand results are still a lot, it is a much simpler task to browse a few of these than combing through millions of irrelevant results.

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Outdoor Saunas

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There are a large number of different benefits that are worth exploring when it comes to experiencing time in an outdoor sauna. Are you looking for a better way to keep your body fit and healthy? If this is the case, or if you are looking to benefit the health of your skin or the rest of your body, then it may be worthwhile for you to spend some time in a sauna. There are two main types of saunas that are worth pursuing spending some time in, depending on what type of benefits you are looking for, or what type of heat absorption you prefer to experience.

The first type of sauna is the steam sauna which is the traditional Finnish form of sauna, and involves a sauna heater heating the air within a cubicle in order to create steam. Once the steam is created, your skin absorbs it, or you can breathe it in for best health benefits. The second type of sauna is the infrared sauna, which is the more popular and more recent sauna technology, and involves using infrared technology to create heat for the body directly rather than by heating the air. This is the better option for anyone who is not interested in breathing in the heated air created by the steam sauna.

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Hot Tub Supplies

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Enjoying a leisurely afternoon in a hot tub can often make for a fun get away for many people. Those that are fortunate enough to own a hot tub will know that there is a lot of care that goes into the maintenance of the hottubs . Hot tubs are indeed a lot of fun to have, though, as they can create fun memories for everyone.

There are also those that enjoy the various jacuzzi hot tubs that are available for sale. These hot tubs are typically much larger and can hold many more people. Even with all of the various versions of hot tubs, many will find that they still need hot tub supplies to aide in cleaning out the hot tubs. These supplies can come in the form of chemicals, brushes, and filters, all of which are beneficial in the upkeep of any hot tub. Additional hot tub supplies are equally important, such as a hot tub cover, which can keep the hot tub safe from impending dangers that can harm the hot tub. Hot tub supplies can be costly in some instances, but they are much better to purchase than having to replace items in the hot tub when not in use.

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Appreciating Coat Racks and Hooks

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Families all around the world have coat racks and hooks in their homes, but it is often without much appreciation as to why the racks and hooks are present. By understand the need for a coat rack in the home, many families are becoming more appreciative of the needs for racks and hooks. There are those that will seek the coat racks as a means of keeping children’s play clothes organized. Others may have a coat rack in their home so that they can hang up important clothing that they do not want to get wrinkled, such as a tuxedo or a cocktail dress. Coat racks, such as Oak wall mounted coat racks , are also helpful in the home. They can be a beautiful accessory in the home, without having to look tacky, as it would be made of oak. A coat hook can also be helpful, as they can hold a great deal of weight, in addition to often being quite sleek in design. Furthermore, many coat hooks, as well as racks, can come in various sizes, all of which will greatly appeal to those that are in need of a hook or rack in their home.

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New Mac Games

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If you haven’t checked out the new Mac games that are available for you to play, you could be missing out on some of the most exciting games that you’ll ever play. One of the greatest types of games that Mac users love are the ‘throwback’ games. These are the games which are reminiscent of arcade style machines and are all time favorites among many Mac users and other gamers.

From those throwback games to detailed RPG’s, the list gets longer and longer. There are some really great modern Mac games that are getting two thumbs up from those who have tried them. Computer games are no longer just the PC user’s territory. In fact, most of the PC games that are favorites are becoming available to Mac. Whether you are a fan of strategic linear games that make you think hard about your next move, or RPG’s that allow you to live a different life for a while, you’re going to love the great games available. Mac games are really growing in number and you don’t want to get left behind. See what you are missing and check out the hot new games for Mac.

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Is The Internet Scary?

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The Internet is fast becoming a scary place. New technologies are allowing many people to partake in invisible surfing, which involves various methods of allowing a malicious browser to surf the Internet undetected or anonymously. Key loggers are also gaining popularity as a way to take advantage of someone else’s computer, especially when the person doing the key logging is also taking advantage of the benefits of invisible surfing. It is important to learn up regarding keylogger detection, because you need to be able to determine whether or not your computer keystrokes are being logged. There are plenty of ways to obtain keylogger protection, most of which begin with the use of a good anti-virus and anti-spyware software that will identify these malicious threats and remove them without you ever having to worry about their use. These key logging programs are terrifyingly real, so if you are not already protecting yourself, you could benefit greatly from beginning to as quickly as possible. Many anti-virus and anti-spyware programs offer free trials, and others are always free to use. The more popular choices are typically better, but any form of protection is better than none if you cannot immediately afford the good stuff.

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Finding the Lowest Rates

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Most people today are either in debt, or are just barely holding debt off. This makes things very difficult. You may be stretched to the limits trying to take care of the monthly utility bills, mortgage rates, groceries, healthcare and everything else that we have to deal with regularly. This is why it is so important to find the lowest rates for your mortgage. This can be pretty difficult as there are many companies to compare, interest rates to look at, and lenders to speak to, but you will be rewarded for your diligence.

Finding the lowest rates will really help you save money that can be used for other important things. First you need to compare companies and their interest rates. Those change all the time so the most up to date information is crucial for a proper comparison. Then, you will need to narrow your search based on that, and speak to lenders. There may be special programs available for your specific needs. Then, you can use the lowest rates, interest info, and terms to choose which company is right for you. When you have spoken to the lenders you can really get some great information on the best value around. You will be glad you did!

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The Real Value of CVV Codes

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If you buy a lot of stuff online or if you regularly pay bills with credit cards online, you’re probably wondering what’s with the CVV everyone asks for now. You probably know it’s a security measure, but you might not understand fully how it works.

CVV stands for card verification value. It’s the 3 or 4 digit number located in or beside the signature bar on the back of your credit card that most credit card processing companies now require to complete transactions. The CVV or other code variations used by different credit card companies are mainly about verifying you actually have the credit card in your possession when you go to make a purchase. If you don’t have the card, you don’t have the CVV code and you can’t make a purchase.

One question that arises is, if you enter the CVV code on a website along with your credit card number, isn’t the combination of the two just as valuable to potential thieves as if there was no CVV in the first place? Another question is, if a credit card processing service is in PCI Compliance, shouldn’t safeguards against fraud already be in place?

Requiring a CVV may not be a comprehensive security solution, but it’s likely that nothing ever will be. In the meantime, at least nobody can use your old statements or receipts to make a purchase as long as a CVV is required by the payment processing company.

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How to Receive Cheap Car Insurance

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Trying to figure out a means of coming up with cheap car insurance is sometimes better left to the professionals. This statement is true, as there are many drivers who will turn to auto insurance dealers as a form of receiving cheap car insurance. Most drivers are unaware of all of the deductions that they can make towards their insurance to lower their insurance rates. For instance, drivers that have a clean driving account will notice that they will have to pay less in insurance, as they are a lower risk. Those that have multiple claims on their records may want to compare car insurance, as there can typically be much lower rates for those that have driving marks against them.

< a href="">Cheap van insurance is also readily available for those that may find themselves in an immediate need for it. No one should be without automobile insurance, especially when there is cheap car insurance that is available to the public. Most of the car insurance today is still expensive, but there are a few occasions where there is cheap car insurance that remains and is still available.

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Finding the Best Insurance

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Many times, you will have to compare insurance quotes and companies in order to find one that suits your needs. Because many companies offer discounts to women who have a good driving record, there are many companies that offer competitive women’s car insurance. Even though a clean driving record isn’t the only criteria used when computing a quote, it will help in lowering your premium. Make sure that you research carefully a variety of insurance companies in order to find the best one.

If you own a motorcycle, you will need to take out another insurance policy that only covers your like. motorcycle insurance for women can be found through various insurance companies. Again, research can yield lower monthly premiums. Search online or contact your primary insurance agency to see if they offer this type of insurance. Because the number of men and women who own a motorcycle has increased over the years, more and more companies are now offering motorcycle insurance.

The best insurance policies offer ample coverage at a low monthly rate. Cheap home insurance rates are available to those who have recently purchased a home or those who want to find a new insurance company. Lowering your monthly premium can help you save more each month.

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Buy to Let Success Story Inspirations

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Like any capitalist venture, the Buy to Let mortgageworld is filled with a number of success stories. Yes, I know some of you are saying I am about to make the whole process sound too easy so I will say this right away: I know it is not easy and make no such claims! Ease is not the issue; the issue is that there is a number of great success stories out many could relate and these stories could be used for a little inspiration. So, how is this for inspiration: it is not out of the question that a Buy to Let venture can be quite lucrative. For example, there have been several individuals who ended up making millions! Yes, millions! Regardless of what a Buy to Let mortgage calculator says or what Buy to Let mortgage rates that are available, the millions that can be earned will make all that inconsequential! Of course, not everyone who ventures into this realm will make millions. If I attempted to sell you on that belief I would be being disingenuous. However, if I did not point out that there is “pie in the sky” grandeur available I would be selling your hopes short.

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Loaning Your Van to Others

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If you have a van and want to loan it to another person, make sure you have proper van insurance in case there is an accident. Regardless of whether the person you want to loan your van to has this type of insurance or not, being properly covered is important because vans can be very expensive to repair and can cause damage to other vehicles. Before loaning the van, find out where the person will be going and when they will be back. Make sure they are insured as well. Even if they only have cheap car insurance, it is better than not having any auto insurance at all.

Before you loan another person your vehicle, you should instruct them on the best ways to drive it. If you have an older vehicle, you may need to show them how where all the buttons and controls are so they will not have to struggle when driving. Once you have shown them how to operate your vehicle, then you can give them the keys.

Being properly insured by having adequate car insurance and house insurance, you will be able to protect your belongings and those who borrow your car. If you are not confident that the person you are loaning the car to will return it in the same condition they borrowed it in, then may be you should reconsider.

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How Much Does it Cost to Run Grow Lights?

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One big question you’ll probably want to know the answer to before you rush out to purchase a grow light system is, how much will it cost to run it? HID or high intensity discharge lights like high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps are costly to purchase. If you cannot afford to run them as long as you will need to for the benefit of your plants, they will be of little use to you and a real waste of your hard earned money.

There are charts you can use to help you choose the most efficient light fixtures and system for your plants based on type of light bulbs as well as wattage. There are also online calculators that can then help you determine how much your system will cost to run. Or you can use a simple formula and calculate the cost on your own.

First, take the combined wattage of your lights. Next, divide it by 1000 to determine the total kilowatts used. You then need to get out your electric bill and multiply this number by the cost per kilowatt hour. Now refer to your system’s wattage. A 1000 watt system will put out 1000 watts per hour. It is then simply a matter of multiplying the operating cost per hour times the hours per month you will run your lights.

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What Does a Basic Hydroponics System Need?

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As is the case with many things, if you are interested in hydroponics and start to do some research, you could easily become overwhelmed. There is so much information available and such a variety of types of systems, you can spend a small fortune and several months just trying to begin. But you don’t have to, and it pays to think simplistically when you prepare to start out.

What are the basic items you will need to start growing with hydroponics? First, you will need a reservoir that can hold nutrient solution. You will also need a pump to move the nutrients through the system. Pots or growing trays will be required for holding the plants. Add some grow lights and that’s really all there is to a hydroponics system. You will of course need a few other items to grow the actual plants, such as nutrient solution, plants or seeds and substrate.

Since hydroponics systems are really not that complicated, you could opt to build your own. Hardware stores and hydroponics supply shops can provide you with all the materials and directions you will need. Alternatively, you may prefer to just purchase a basic kit and start from there. Whatever you decide, buy inexpensively to start with to see if you really enjoy and wish to pursue hydroponics.

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How to Tell if You Can Trust a Supplier

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Whenever we buy something, we want to feel good about the supplier. Trust is essential if a company is to gain a sale. As a sales associate, I was once taught that one of the keys to making a sale was to instill confidence in the buyer. I believe this is true of e-commerce sites as well as individuals who sell to us face to face.

When I need to buy electronic parts, I absolutely will not buy from anyone I don’t completely trust based on the appearance of their website. If their website looks crappy, what are the odds their products are going to be top quality? If their electronic part numbers catalog isn’t convenient to use, why should I believe they can even find what I want to order? A website doesn’t have to look like it cost a million bucks to instill confidence. It does have to convince me that the supplier knows their business and is committed to servicing me, the customer.

Trust is so essential when it comes to electronic parts because you need them to complete a job or project, and nothing else will do. If electronic part numbers begin with X and you order them and are sent Y parts instead, you will have to wait even longer. If X parts arrive but they are broken, you will also have to wait. While it may not always be the case, trustworthy suppliers don’t usually screw up orders or sell less than top quality items. That’s what trust in sales and purchasing is all about.

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Upgrade Your Checkweigher for Surprising Benefits

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Does your currently use a checkweigher on a day-to-day basis? If it’s an essential part of your business operations, it’s important it is convenient and efficient as well as accurate. If it has been several years since you’ve upgraded your checkweigher, it may be worth your while to explore today’s options.

Just like everything else, checkweighers today come fully enhanced with the latest technology and a huge variety of accessories to choose from. There are so many models to choose from, depending on how you use checkweighers you may need to consult with an expert sales associate who can help you decide which one will best suit your needs. There are portable checkweighers, in motion checkweighers and conveyor scale models. There are even PC based models for super accurate systems, and data integration.

While you are shopping online for more information about checkweigher purchasing, you may come across some innovative ways to use them that you’ve never considered before. You may also discover some other automated equipment that can benefit your business, such as sortation systems equipment and multi carrier shipping systems. Discovering technology and new ways to cut costs and increase productivity is just one more advantage the process of upgrading your checkweigher can provide.

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Students are Likely to Need Private Loans

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It’s a lot more common for students to take out private student loans these days than it used to be. In the past, government guaranteed loans combined with other forms of financial aid, grants and scholarships were just about enough. Along with some support from parents and a part-time job, students could fully fund the cost of their education.

College costs so much today however, government subsidized and unsubsidized loans may not cover even half of what students need to earn their degrees. Private student loans offer a solution for students who do not have the financial resources to cover the high costs of books, parking fees, rent or room and board, tuition and other expenses.

Calculate student loan amounts you can borrow against what your education will cost. If federally guaranteed loans are insufficient to cover your expenses, take the time to research private loan lenders. It will be to your long term advantage to secure the best possible terms whether the lenders offer variable or fixed student loans rates.

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Rebuilding Your Credit

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If you have less than perfect credit, there are ways to raise your score so that you can build a secure financial future. Since your credit score is used by credit card companies, lenders, mortgage companies, rental agencies, and car insurance companies to judge how responsible you are with financial matters, you may be denied or offered a much higher rate than you can afford. Raising your credit score can help you qualify for lower interest loans, car insurance premiums, and lines of credit.

Since loans can be more difficult to receive if you have a low credit score, you may need to find lenders who cater to those with lower scores. Compare loans from these lenders because many times they may differ in the terms offered. Compare credit cardsoffered to those with low credit scores. If you don’t need a credit card right now, it may be better to wait until you can qualify for a card with lower interest and fewer fees.

Paying expenses like car insurance, loans, and credit cards on time is a great way to rebuild your credit. Compare car insurance premiums from different companies to see who has the best deal. If you can, lower the amount of coverage so you qualify for a lower quote.

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The Amazon.Com Visa

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One of the best incentives for applying for credit cards
are rewards programs that provide the ability to redeem “points” for gifts. Now, any credit cards offer rewards programs, but probably the best of them all for avid readers would be the Visa. With the Visa you can redeem your points for pretty much anything that sells such as DVDs, books, magazines, etc. The minimum payout on a rewards card is $25 and it is achieved once toy have paid back $2500 towards the card. Now, this may seem like an excessive amount to spend for a free gift, but the reality is that you are simply taking advantage of free offers that this card provides and other loans do not. (Wouldn’t it be great if there was a reward program for mortgages
as well? Well, I can dream can’t I?) As such, the rewards program offered by Amazon is an incentive to use their particular card and, quite honestly, after looking at all the free goodies you can acquire it is definitely a great incentive! So, if you are an avid reader and make a lot of credit card purchases, you might as well use an Visa and take advantage of the program that they offer. This is what I do and I have amassed a number of great gifts for my effort.

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Qualifying for an Auto Loan

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Many new car buyers need to take out an auto loan or personal loan to pay for the car. Because they may have little or no credit, this is easier said than done in some cases. While cheap loans are available to those with limited credit histories, they may not be enough to cover the cost of the car. When buying your first car, you should consider other expenses as well including insurance, gas, maintenance, and the cost for emergency services. Once you figure out how much you can afford, then you will need to convince a lender that you are responsible enough to repay the loan.

Start by visiting your bank. Since they know you and your financial history, they may be able to find a loan that is appropriate. If buying a new car, you won’t have to worry about the car being overpriced, but if buying a used car, you need to be sure that it not overpriced or the bank will not grant the loan. Some lenders will ask for an inspection when buying a used car.

If you have bad credit, outstanding payday loans and other bills, you may have a difficult time qualifying for a car loan. Many dealerships have lenders available who are willing to take a chance on lending you the money at a higher interest rate. If you can afford this, you should take it because once you pay off the loan you will be able to qualify for larger loans in the future including refinance loans and mortgage loans.

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Learn to Budget to Get Out of Debt

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Whether you are considering a home equity loan to consolidate debts or other options for cheap loans, if you don’t learn how to budget your money, the end result will be the same. You will have borrowed more, but done nothing to improve your spending habits for long-term financial success.

Many of us think we know how to budget, but in reality we do nothing more than balance our bills pay check to pay check. We manage to pay our mortgages and other household bills, but that’s about the extent of it. When a crisis comes up, we panic and reach for the credit cards. A real budget will plan for financial hardships and long-term goals as well as month-to-month expenses.

The easiest way to learn to budget is to take advantage of free online budgeting tools and software. You will need to collect records of all your expenses, including credit card bills, medical bills, insurance payments and other monthly expenditures. Then it is simply a matter of organizing the information and balancing your income against it.

Alternatively, you can hire a financial consultant or seek out credit counseling services to help you. A budget is such a powerful financial tool, developing one any way you can will be more than worth the effort.

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Use the Right Woodscrew Head Type and Shape

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Do you know what type of woodworking screw is best to use when? Of course, the decision will depend on several factors. But there are some general guidelines you can follow when you are working with woodscrew fasteners. This can also be helpful information to have when you are browsing an online woodworking fasteners catalog, wondering which woodscrews you should choose.

Square head and square head phillips woodscrews are good to have on hand in your fasteners inventory. Choose one of these newer head type woodscrews instead of standard slotted or phillips head screws when you want a particularly good grip and want to minimize the possibility of stripping.

Use round head screws when you need to join thin objects to wood surfaces, and use flat head screws with tapered bottoms when you want the screw to be flush to the surface once it’s in place. Flat head screws are the only choice for recessed areas. Round head screws may be easier to remove, but properly installed flat head screws can also be taken out easily. Another choice is oval head screws which feature a slightly rounded top like a round head screw and a bottom that’s tapered like a flat head screw.

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Creating a Budget

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The best way to prevent debt from occurring again is to create a monthly budget that outlines all of your living expenses and other expenses you are responsible for each month. If you are currently paying off your debt using debt relief options such as working with creditors to pay a low monthly fee or reducing the amount of interest owed, you can create your budget to include these payments. After a debt settlement has been reached, your budget may have to be adjusted slightly to reflect another payment. But once you have paid off your debt, you can readjust your budget again.

Many credit card debt negotiation services require you to sit with an advisor to create a budget that best utilizes your income. If you change jobs or your income changes, you will have to alter your budget to accommodate these changes. Even your budget may change over the years, this discipline you have learned will help you make sound financial decisions so you will never end up in debt again. By referring to your new budget often, you can see how much you have to spend and how much you need to save. As your savings begins to grow, you will begin to feel financially secure.

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How do you pick the perfect watch?

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There are many watches in today’s world so deciding which to go for can be very overwhelming. Many digital watches contain sensitive electronic parts so you have to avoid getting them wet, unless they are in a waterproof shell which is fairly common these days. You would have to look around the different styles available to find one that stands out. When it comes to repairing a broken watch it may not be cost effective to do so, watches can contain hard to find electronics so it could cost you more than its worth to correct it.

Be sure to check online as well as the local jewellers to get the best deal, shopping online can be easier as you can browse through the hundreds of designs available in the comfort of your own home in your spare time. Make sure you check to see how much warranty you have because if you have faulty integrated circuits then it would need to go back and replaced for a brand new one.

Do your research and find the features that you require to make the choice easier and if you have set a budget make sure you stick to it as some watches can be very expensive. You have to see how much you are willing to spend on a watch before you look!

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What To Consider When Buying New Shoes

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How your athletic shoes look isn’t the only issue to consider when buying them. Even though you want to look good, you will be wearing these shoes all day long, so buying them from reputable manufacturers is important so you can combine both the look and the comfort. Air Jordans, for example, does an excellent job of added support with style. Available in many color combinations, you will be able to wear them with many outfits and remain comfortable all day long.

Another company that is combining comfort with fashion is Bapes. Started in Japan, this company have grown to become a well known brand in the US and Japan. The shoes are comfortable and memorable because the patterns are different from most you will see from any other footwear manufacturer. Bape hoodies are also available in these fun patterns.

Whichever style you prefer, making sure you buy the right size is important because this will affect the comfort. Shoes that are too tight will cause cramping, while shoes that are too loose may cause you to trip and fall. Since shoes size can vary from manufacturer, trying them on first is the best way to buy the correct pair. When shopping online, compare your current shoes to determine which size you should buy.

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Top 5 Qualities Of A Good Free Music Download Service

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With so many options available and such fast technology advances it can be difficult to choose a free music download service. To help the music enthusiast find the best possible free music software I have identified the top five characteristics to look for when selecting a service.

• Speed. Download speed is the one aspect of music download software that can drive you crazy if it is too slow. P2P software such as Ares Ultra is unobtrusive and fast
• Quality. For poor speakers of a poor standard or the not-to-fussy listener, 128 kbps is okay. Preferably the tracks should be encoded at 256 kbps or 320 kbps.
• Interface. The “skin” should be clean, simple and intuitive. Have a look at Ares Lite P2P Filesharing software for an example of an effective and pleasing yet minimalist interface.
• Selection. How many tracks are on offer? Ares has no fewer than 100 million on offer in shared files across the network. That could seriously increase your listening pleasure.
• Music discovery. There has to be a way to move around the network to discover new bands and new acts and new albums. Some of the large corporate “free music” sites such as SpiralFrog make this all but impossible because they punt their own artists. Ares is open source in the music discovery sense too. They have nothing to gain by directing you to established artists.

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Specialty Aircraft Fasteners and Fittings

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Aircraft manufacturing and repair requires many specialty hardware items. These items have a direct impact on the safety and efficiency of aircraft operation. Manufacturers specialize in designing and producing screws, nuts, bolts, washers, pins, cables and a host of other fittings and fasteners specifically made for aircraft use.

One important feature of aircraft fasteners is that they allow for frequent disassembly and reassembly. Aircraft hardware in general is often concerned with easy, swift dismantling and reassembly and vibration control. Detailed knowledge of the full range of aircraft hardware is required of any aircraft mechanic.

Many hardware manufacturers and distributors deal exclusively in aircraft hardware. One example of a specially designed aircraft hardware item is turnlock fastener stud fasteners. These are used to hold panels, plates and doors in place while allowing for easy removal. Panel removal is common during the frequent servicing and inspection aircraft require.

Turnlock fastener stud assembly fasteners are used almost exclusively in the repair and manufacture of aircraft. Turnlock fastener stud assembly fasteners and turnlock fastener receptacle fasteners are manufactured by several different companies. Three of the most familiar brands are Dzus, Camloc and Airloc, and turnlock fastener components are often identified by these trade names combined with size.

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Being Prepared for the Weather

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Even though central California is sunny and warm for most of the year, you should remember to pack clothing and other items that will keep you warm at nighttime or during a rainstorm. Essential items you should pack include a light, waterproof jacket that you can wear when boating or when the weather turns cold, sunscreen so you don’t develop a sun burn when spending time on the beach, hat and sunglasses to protect your face, and comfortable shoes that you can wear each day.

If you forget items such as toothpaste and other small items,San Luis Obispo hotels should be able to provide them for you. In the rush to pack and in the excitement of getting to your vacation destination, you may forget to pack all kinds of things. Creating a list is a good idea, especially if your vacation is an extended one. Luckily, hotels like the Rose Garden Inn San Luis Obispo can help by providing towels, toiletries, and other items upon request.

Another way to be prepared for a vacation is to find out what the weather forecast will be for the days you will be on vacation. While weather reports aren’t always the most accurate, they can give you a pretty good idea about what to expect.

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One of the other mums, Chrissie, has been really stressing because Kirsty has had a lot of problems in school, concentrating and learning to read and write. I have been trying to say to her not to let other people put pressure on because sometimes they are competing about what their kids can do. I don’t really understand it at this age because every one is different and why not just let them enjoy their childhoods. But it’s been a real worry for Chrissie, and she’s such a lovely person. But I’m so pleased that maybe things are looking up. A couple of weeks ago Mrs Simes said she thought that Kirsty might have the symptoms of dyslexiaChrissie was panicking at first when she thought about Kirsty having dyslexia but she’s agreed for Kirsty to have a dyslexia test. We’ve chatted a lot and looked online and at least it would be great to find reasons for Kirsty having these problems. She’s a great kid and she and Stacey are together all the time. I feel for Chrissie but we were amazed at how much they know these days and there’s a lot they can do to give support.

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Cash Flow and Business Growth

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It’s a common problem in growing businesses: shortage of cash prevents the business from moving ahead with projects and improvements. Yet those projects and improvements are the very things that are needed to grow the business. It leaves the business ’stuck in a rut’; not able to move forward and not able to go back.

Very few businesses can grow into larger successful businesses without at some point, borrowing money for business capital. This is just a basic reality of business. Even huge multi-billion dollar corporations borrow from sources to fund their business growth. For example, public companies can do stock splits to immediately increase their cash flow.

Small businesses obviously don’t have those kinds of options, but that doesn’t mean they are without choices. A simple choice would be a borrowing from a business credit card. That has the drawback of having high interest if the amount is not paid back when it comes due. Other options are unsecured business loans or bad credit business loans.

A newer approach to obtaining growth funds is through the business cash advance. This type of borrowing is flexible and tied to the cash flow of the business. So it scales with your cash flow rather than being a fixed payment plan.

Small businesses should not be afraid to borrow when the business needs capital and it’s prudent to do so. This is the only way long term business growth can be fostered.

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Kanye West..

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Kanye West, is just sooo easy on the eyes and the ears. I really like Graduation and I’ve got The College Dropout and Late Registration too. I couldn’t believe it when my friend sent me a funny video of him having a tantrum rant about the MVA. Majorly disappointed as I didn’t think he was like that, wonder if it’s really him? Even though I was disappointed it still made me laugh though. I guess he’s entitled though as he’s only human. I just really rate him as he’s got so much talent. He takes a lot of inspiration from soul music which I love too. I also appreciate a man who is secure enough to have a teddy bear as a mascot! I think he’s meant to be appearing in a TV show soon, and I can’t wait. Don’t think it’s a reality show like the Osbornes and Paris and Nicole, I think it’s going to be a proper series. Hope this doesn’t mean he’ll stop with the music though because I want to hear what he’s going to do next.

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Show you know what’s in, what’s the fashion buzz, what’s super-chic by visiting the amazing new high-end dazzle site ‘ It’s for fashionistas, shopaholics, those who love the online buzz of more is more, not less! Whether you have healthy plastic or are working on a shoestring, come look around this stunning site. We have reviews of the best and most popular online stores, magazines and fashion resources. We have a sizzling selection of beauty news, editorials on the latest hot trends, and of course shopping tips (girl can’t know too much), and plenty more - such as how to find and get that gotta have dress . And don’t be hiding your light! We welcome guest articles, views, advice and just fashion gossip. If you have a beauty site or blog, please feel free to tell us about it. We will consider adding just anything that makes more chic! There are hundreds of ways to dazzle, sparkle and shine in our fabulous shopping portal. Find jewellery, skin care products, makeup ranges, lingerie, cosmetics, shoes, handbags, just anything and everything that makes a fashion diva the chic marvel that she is.
Remember the words of the immortal Coco Chanel: “It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.” She would have LOVED!

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Back Up Offered By The Large Limo Hire Firms

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When hiring a limousine for a wedding, civil ceremony, airport transfers, school dances or any other important even, there is a compelling reason to hire chauffeur driven cars from an established livery service company - the rather formal name for an industry which has a long and prestigious history. When you hire from a firm there are a number of advantages which simply do not accrue to the individual operator of one or two luxury vehicles. To start with, there is a reliable booking system. There is no chance whatever that you will be let down on the important day. In addition, the firm has a large pool of expert drivers at its disposal so should one not be available, there are plenty of others to call upon. On that score you will never be let down either. And the large supplier of the chauffeur driven limousine for hire has a long list of different models of limousines and even a variety of colors to choose from for your special occasion. These vehicles are professionally maintained and prepared well in advance for your occasion. All the little particulars and legal minutiae are taken care of, as you would expect of a well-established specialist company. You don’t have to worry about a thing, you just enjoy the ride. That is why we have a policy in our office to use Cars for Stars limousine hire and never make use of someone’s friend/relative/associate who has acquired a vehicle and is trying to recover his costs by renting it out on weekends.

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Following The Gold Trail

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Go where the people are going. Let me amend that: go where the rich are going to retire. That narrows your investment spectrum immediately. There is Hawaii, there is Florida, and there is the Coachella Valley in California, known as the Palm Springs area. Palm Desert is one of nine cities there attracting retirees from as far away as Turkey, Europe and South America. If you swap continents just to retire, clearly money problems are no factor. An uncle of mine always followed the money and he did very well out of it. He was a realtor So, yes, in answer to your question
Palm Desert real estate is a very interesting proposition. I can see why that was recommended to you. I would look into it further. Look at it this way: in 1948 there was no one at all living there to speak of. By 1990, after 40 years of a property boom hastened by the trend toward large-scale property development, especially in California, the population was 23 000 and by 2000 the population doubled. That’s from 23 000 to 46 000 in just a decade, and that’s just Palm Desert. All the other valley towns are growing just as rapidly. It’s not just rich retirees going there, though it should give you a warm glow knowing that Bill Gates has a home in Palm Desert. The region is a major tourism area, a gambling destination, a convention centre, a luxury golfing and shopping experience. Yes, there is no reason to suppose the growth will slow, never mind reverse. Have a look and tell me what you find in Palm Desert. Maybe I’ll make a little investment there too.

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UK TestFreaks..

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Alright chaps, lift your hats. The New World way of evaluating, comparing, rating, pricing and ultimately sourcing fine technological products has reached our fair isles. At last the UK is a nation that can boast its very own online TestFreaks UK just as exists in our former colony, the United States of America, as (It just occurred to me: did they form a union just to annoy us here in Britain? United Kingdom, United States……hmmm…) Enough politics. Well, it certainly is a novel way of shopping for mobile phones . I would never have thought of doing it this way. I would have thought one went down to the local shop. Now they have a whole section devoted to mp3 players as well. That I can believe is the sort of thing you would buy online more readily that mobile phones. My reasoning is that mp3 players are for young people who are fond of that sort of thing and who buy products online much more readily than older people, such as myself. Mobile phones, on the other hand, are the sort of things that have wide general appeal. Anyone at all could want a mobile, from a grandmother to a schoolboy, and really it seems to me that one would want to physically handle a mobile phone before buying it. A mobile is, after all, something that does become one’s constant companion, Anyway, there you have it. Now we in the UK have that ability to buy any kind of electronic item, from television sets to global positioning systems, just by tapping at a keyboard.

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Are You Against Payday Loans?

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I just don’t get why some people are against the payday loan system. Can millions of Americans and millions of Australians and millions of other people around the world be wrong? Maybe the people who turn up their noses at payday loans and wouldn’t be seen dead applying for an online cash advance just don’t need the money. Maybe they inherited from their Pappy, maybe they are paid a lot more in their jobs than they are worth. Fact is, this form of short-term borrowing, just to tide the borrower over until the next paycheck arrives, is a convenience that millions jump at, month after month. As you read this, hundreds of people are sitting at their home and office PCs applying online for a cash loan. The chances are that shortly after they press “enter” to submit their application, the funds will appear in their bank account. It is as simple as that. This article about Australian Payday Loans is the proof that this way of borrowing money is the future. As soon as the Mother Grundys start complaining about something, you can be sure that it is something that ordinary people everywhere are using and finding useful. We don’t need your education, Mother Grundys. Get lost.

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Directory Submissions and PhpLD

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Backlinks are considered crucial by some experts in determining your ranking position on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Getting quality inbound links will influence your search engine rank tremendously. One of the most used ways to get these back links is to submit your link to web directories. Online directories survive for the purpose of providing quality links to web users for various sites categorized under their relevant categories. “Directory submission” is a Search engine optimization strategy that no good website owner should overlook.

The most professionally used directory script is phpLD with over 20,000 directories; the script was coded to be able to work in nearly all PHP hosting environments. One HUGE advantage advantages of phpLD is the sheer number of pre-made templates and mods available. There are literally hundreds of sites devoted to PhpLD mods and templates. As well there is the official PhpLd website, where you will discover lots of helpful information, and elsewhere too. Then there is the Phpld community is available to help fresh webmasters. You will also find a very active support forum where people are able to release mods, discuss features, get help, request mods.

Here is a quick list of directories running the Php link directory Script:

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Tax Reclaim tips that could make you $1000

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If you study, work part time, have recently retired there is a 95% possibility that you are due Tax Refund from the Inland Revenue. Amazingly there are currently millions of pounds of unclaimed tax which the government is holding as a result of people not having made the time or the energy to file a simple tax reclaim.

Everyone who is employed in the UK is given a tax free allowance, this year it is 5235 pounds. Consider a student, who might only work during their summer holidays, although their employer is required by law to deduct tax and proportion their tax free allowance against the whole year. This is where errors happen as the student is studying for the majority of the year not working for a whole tax year, meaning that they miss out on a big chunk of their tax free allowance. is a firm which has expertise in returning overpayment of tax from the Inland Revenue. They operate on a ‘No rebate-No fee’ basis so you have nothing to risk. Their average tax rebate is over one thousand pounds. Their web site is very informative with a number of resources such as an income tax calculator to help you calculate if you are due a refund as well as a Tax Help Blog which keeps you up to date with finance related news.

I think you agree that we all pay enough tax, make sure that you have not over paid any tax. You can check for free for the last 6 years, you really have nothing to lose and potentially thousands of pounds to gain!

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The Emergence of Web 2.0 and Local Internet Marketing

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Web 2.0, also known as the second generation of the Internet, is much different than the first generation. In fact, everything seems to have changed from web design to search engine marketing. It is amazing to think of all the changes that have occurred thanks to Web 2.0 however if you want your website to perform well then it is of utmost importance that your Boston website design adhere to the new ways of the web. Boston web sites, and all other websites for that matter, should be well aware of what works in the world of Web 2.0. Some of the following tips will help you better understand how Web 2.0 emerged and what works for websites.

First of all, Web 2.0 emerged because of the explosion of commerce on the Internet. All of a sudden the Internet became a place where merchants sold goods and buyers searched the web looking for the best price. What this meant was that users wanted a good experience and wanted the websites to make their online buying experience easy and stress free. One thing led to another and all kinds of new Internet experiences were created. Today, Web 2.0 is alive and well but Web 3.0 is just around the corner and it will certainly have a lot of new changes of its own. In Web 2.0 world, Boston web desig is seemlessly integrated with Boston SEO plan.

To survive in today’s Web 2.0 your website will need to have plenty of links on the web that point back to your website. The more links there are that point web surfers to your website the better off your website will be in terms of traffic and rankings in the search engines. You can easily get links by visiting forums and trading links with other websites. You can also list your website with directories, write articles, and include links to your website, and the like. When you do this you will get lots of links that will help your web presence significantly. Most Internet firms offer both SEO and Web design service. A Boston Web design firm would provide SEO service for local business too.

Content on your website is also important in a Web 2.0 world. You want to have up to date content that says something about your services, products, or site in general. If you keep this content up to date then you will have a higher ranking in the search engines over time. It takes a little while, but it works. Web 2.0 is a world all its own and it will gradually change and become Web 3.0. But until then do what works in the Web 2.0 world!

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Powerful Technical Analysis

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Are you interested in share trading? Do you want to quit your day job and trade from home?

Yeah, me too.

So, I just wanted to post a quick shout out to the guru of powerful technical analysis who has just launched his new ebook which will give you the tools you need to live the dream.

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Java and Applets

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Applets are Java programs that can be embedded in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Created by Sun in 1995, they are usually used to add interactivity to web applications, because these interactivities can’t be generated by HTML.

Applets are executed in a sandbox by most of the browsers. So, applets are not allowed to access machine data in which they are executed. The browser that executes an applet is generically called applet container.

Applet code is downloaded from a web server and the browser embeds it inside a web page or opens a new window exhibiting the program interface. Applets are exhibited in a web page by using APPLET tag, that specifies the source and the statistics of the applet location. Applets’ location cannot be controlled by CSS’s.

Java 2 Software Development Kit (J2SDK) includes an applet container (called appletviewer) to test applets before you embed them in a web page.

Syndicated with thanks to VisioTalk.

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Top Rated Credit Cards

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I like to surf around the web gathering resources, not just for you guys to link to, but for my own personal resources. One of the things I am always interested in is review and information sites about Credit Cards, I am always interested in the latest deals and the Top Rated Credit Cards. Both personal credit cards aswell as Business Credit Cards. is a one of the better review sites for credit cards that I have found in my travels.. and I have seen a few. So, I wanted to give them a shout out here today. They have loads of info and deals on all sorts of credit cards, Low APR Credit Cards, zero balance transfer deals, the works. Well worth a look. Check them out.

Syndicated with thanks to VisioTalk.

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Poor Credit History, You are not Alone

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Did you know that over 40 million Americans have trouble with their banking because of a poor credit history? Unfortunately a poor credit history is not something that is insurmountable and certainly not something that cannot be fixed. But, most people do not know many of the simple and easy tips that are out there to help you. ChexSystems is a site I have found that has a no nonsense approach to helping you with your less than perfect credit history. They has information, article and lots of contacts that can help with things like Second Chance Banking, Bad Credit Loans and general Credit Repair.

One of the problems with poor credit scores is that it is too often a self fulfilling prophecy. For whatever reason you find yourself in a situation with a below average credit history we often find it hard to get ourselves out of the situation, and sometimes even dig ourselves deeper. That is where it is helpful to have some one to help you, someone that knows the inside information, and can give you the tips you need to pull your credit score up out of the hole it may be in.

You will save yourself $1000s of dollars and probably years in repayments by following some of the simple tips you can find on Check it out.

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Organic Skin Care Range

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Do you like organic skin care? Do you love natural products? Then you should probably check out

These guys have got the works. From organic skin care products, to aromatherapy and essential oils, to body care, hair care.. they have got everything!

Something else that I really like about saffronrouge is that they have a lot of great organic product information and articles, which for someone that likes to thoroughly research my purchases before hand, was very appealing. It also made me feel like these guys really know their stuff.

Check them out.

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Craigslist is one of the top 10 internet companies there is in the world and because of their online advertisements, newspapers revenue have been down. Craigslist generate at least a billion of page views every month so most advertisers prefer to advertise using craigslist and therefore damaging the newspaper classified advertising business.

In craigs list you can find anything you need in over 175 different cities from 34 different countries. You can search anything from pets to furniture to apartments to simply anything. It’s complete and very easy to use. Its simplicity is what attracts advertisers and viewers to craigslist.

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Super Fruit - Goji Berries

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Goji berries are sweet-taste, red coloured dried fruit from China. Chinese people have grown and consumed it for a few thousand years. Traditional Chinese medicine goji berries works on liver and kidney channels and enriches yin. Chinese doctors usually employ goji berries to treat liver, kidney, or eye diseases. In addition Chinese people consume goji berries in their daily lives to keep them healthy, young, and energetic.

Scientists have discovered many benefits of goji berries, for example: enhancing immune system, eight loss, anti-cancer, boost libedo, anti-aging etc. In July 2005 LA Times reported that goji berries can restrain some cancer cells. In July 2006 Time Magazine called goji berries “Breakout Superfruit of the Year”. Many published studies discussed medicinal benefits of goji berries, including its antioxidant properties, its potential roles against cardiovascular, inflammatory, and vision-related diseases, its neuro-protective properties, its roles as anticancer and immunomodulatory agent. Researchers have identified that goji berries contains many nutrients including 11 essential elements, 22 trace dietary minerals, 18 amino acids, 6 essential vitamins, 8 polysaccharides, and 6 monosaccharidesm. Goji berries have also become popular in Western countries such as USA, Japan, Canada and Europe.

Goji berries also contains such as 5 carotenoids (e.g. beta-carotene and zeaxanthin etc), a xanthophy, and many phenolic pigments associated with antioxidant properties, unsaturated fatty acids such as essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, beta-sitosterol and other phytosterols. Large amount of carotenoids in goji berries are zeaxanthin. Medical research indicated daily intake of goji berries can increase plasma zeaxanthin levels, which play an important role in eye health and eyesight.

Polysaccharides are major constituent of goji berries, representing up to 31% of pulp weight; whereas polysaccharides can increase metabolic rate, thus helping reduce body weight. In addition, it has been discovered that polysaccharides
of goji berries can protect testicular cells from damage and death.
This helps explain why
goji berries can help treating infertility. On the other hand, scientific experiments show polysaccharides can restrain leukemia cells, and can increase T-cells, which
demonstrates the goji berries anti-cancer properties.

For all of these reasons, goji berries have become a well-known super fruit in the world, and mostly found in the market as Tibetan or Himalaya goji.

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Zune Lineup Expands

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The Zune team at Microsoft have been active this summer, they released new colors including the pink, red and special edition Halo 3 Zune. Some leaks from the site Zune Scene suggets that a new hard drive and flash based Zune are in the works. According to them the flash zune and larger next generation 100gb Zune will be available along with some new Zune accessories. Some question the chances of successful Zune sales with the upcoming iPhone, due to be released this year. However, the Zune team is now being led by J Allard, known as the mastermind of the XBOX 360.

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AirMiles Shop

Posted on 9 Jun, 2007 by TC | Be "The First" to say something is an AIR MILES online shopping mall that gives you the opportunity, as an AIR MILES collector, to access an increasing number of major brand name stores. It is another new way to collect valuable AIR MILES reward miles, and get flying sooner.

Air Miles Rewards Shopping in this way gives you a wide selection of top-name Canadian and American stores for you to shop from. It is interesting to note that all stores ship to Canada and many stores offer a special Canadian checkout section where purchases are priced in Canadian dollars. Very handy.

If you are wondering how many air miles you get the site states that shoppers will collect 1 AIR MILES reward mile for every $20 CDN you spend. But, this offer is not applicable at

To collect reward miles at, as well as the more than 100 Sponsors of the AIR MILES Reward Program, all you need to do is become an AIR MILES Collector.

Read More.

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Future Steel Buildings

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I think it might be worth considering a Future Steel Building. There are a lot of reasons why I like these guys, but mostly it is their innovation and their design. Steel buildings offer great value for the dollar because their trussless design means you have 100% usable interior space. Add to that the fact that they are based on the strongest architectural design ever conceived, the arch. Not to mention that they are easy to assemble, strong, and durable.

Future Steel Buildings makes its buildings from the finest steel available in the world today Galvalume PlusTM from Dofasco.

Their engineering staff is also 100%, completely at your disposal. They will create a customized building to suit your needs, answer your questions and offer advice right up until you sitting in your Future Steel Building smoking a cigar.

Really, no matter what type of building you’re looking for - large, small or anything in between - Future Steel has something that you will find is the most durable, customized building you’ll find anywhere. Check them out.

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Educational Toys For Kids

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I love going toy shopping for the kids. There is so much cool stuff around these days. I wish I was a kid now! I prefer to buy everything online, if I can, because it is always cheaper. You get the same product online for 10-20% less, every time. It is just the way it is. And add to that the convenience of having it home delivered and not having to wade through a million other people to get the thing you want. This is especially true with kids toy shopping.

So, I was pretty happy to find some educational toys for kids from They have a HUGE range of great fun toys for the kids that also help their development. has been in retail for 22 years, and online for 9 years. So you know they know their stuff. And that also means you get the best of both worlds. Not only do you get all the advantages of online shopping, ease of purchase, competitive pricing, home delivery etc. but you also get a shop that is interacting face to face with parents and listening to their wisdom on a daily basis. So you are confident they have their finger on the pulse.

These guys also gift wrap your purchase and write a personal note aswell. Nice. Check them out.

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Rear Mounted Child Bicycle Seat

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A couple of years ago we bought a rear-mounted baby bicycle seat for our 1 year old. We rode with it once, and my wife told me she’d never ride with our daughter again in a rear-mounted bicycle child seat. Her nose was running, she’d kicked off her shoes and unzipped her jacket - and all this out-of-sight behind us.

On top of these “care” issues are the obvious practicalities of balance, and ease of use. With a child behind you, your balance is off, out-of-sight you’re unable to react to any sudden movement. Your child will be more restless unable to see where they are going, throwing their weight about to see around you.

Ever thought about getting off a bicycle with a rear-mounted bicycle child seat - chances are you’ll kick your child in the head as you try to throw your leg over.

We had a recent customer who swore she’d never let her children ride in a rear-mounted carrier since as a young child herself she’d got her foot trapped in a rear wheel. This CANNOT happen with a WeeRider - and you can imagine her excitement when she saw and bought one of our seats!

And worst of all - in an accident - can you can’t protect them, can’t put your arms around them!

Now the good news - with a front or center mounted seat - all of this is fixed and BEST OF ALL - there’s the added advantages… when I ride with my 3year old in our WeeRide - we’re interacting - we’ll sing songs, count doggies, guess colours - YOU CANNOT DO THIS IS A REAR-MOUNTED SEAT!!!!

See please before you buy a rear-mounted seat - think long and hard about whether all you want to do is transport your child from A-to-B with all the issues above - or do you want to enjoy riding with your child and interact, participate!
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Return of Premium Life Insurance

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Would you like that refunds your money if you don’t die? Well now you can—it’s called Return of Premium Life Insurance. One of the biggest objections to buying term life insurance is that people see themselves outliving the specified term and often think of the premiums as wasted money. The insurance industry has answered that objection with the recent introduction of Return of Premium term life insurance.

Return of Premium or ROP combines the benefits of traditional term life insurance with a return of premium feature. Simply put your family receives a lump sum death benefit if you die, otherwise if you win your bet with the insurance company and you live the insurer returns all your premiums. This money-back guarantee can be particularly comforting for those that believe death will not occur during the term of coverage.

What’s the catch? Well it does come at a cost. Since the insurance company is obligated to pay you back at the end of your term, Return-of-Premium life insurance does cost more than regular term insurance. A typical ROP policy may cost approximately 25 percent to 50 percent more than standard term life insurance. And policies typically have to be held for the 10 to 30 years to receive a return of all premiums, though many insurers offer a pro-rated return if held for a few years. In some cases taking the extra premiums that would have been paid and applying them to a disciplined investment approach may provide more flexibility.

The Money Alert is a well-known financial site covering insurance matters. Their popular Pet Insurance articles have been published by several publications throughout the United States. Please visit The Money Alert Financial Planning to view more finance related columns.

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Everyone has a different face shape but they can all be grouped into basic categories: Oval, Round, Long, Heart, Square and Pear

Blusher should always be applied according to your face shape and can also enhance definition.

Oval: To give extra definition to an oval face, apply blusher along the hollow of the cheeks. Start below the center of the eye and finish at the hairline.

Round: To make a round face appear slimmer, apply blusher in a triangular shape parallel to the ear, with the narrow point directly under the outer edge of the eye.

Long: Apply blusher in a rectangle shape along the cheekbone to make the face appear shorter.

Heart: Apply blusher in a square shape on the hollow of the cheeks.

Square: To make the bone structure of a square face seem softer, apply blusher in a circle on the broader part of the cheekbone.

Pear: Apply blusher lightly in a half circle along the temple to balance the face.

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Pak Web Directory - SEO Friendly Directory

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Talking about SEO and achieving a PR5 blog is certainly not that easy. I have indeed struggled to build links for this blog scouring the web for free and paid directories and any place where i can get links.

Pak Web Directory - SEO FriendlyDirectory

This is where Pak Web Directory comes in the spotlight. The Web directory is almost 250 Days old. The directory has unique design that is very sleek and attractive. The directory accepts link submission from of all genreand has a very wide listing feature.

The directory features top categories, links by pagerank, a full directory hierarchy, cool links, revelant links, sponsored websites and full directory statistics on the homepage.

SEO and Listing Prices
The directory has been in business for a long time now and is well known for its Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Ranking. Build on PHP Link Directory engine this directory ensures that you get the top ranking for the keyword that you decide to get listed with.

Here are some of the price listings for buying a link in Pak Paid Directory

* Featured links : $30
* Regular links : $15

The pricing is quite resonable in terms of link value this

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Do you want to make more money with your website with Google Adsense?

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Do you want to make more money with your website using Google Adsense?
Of course, we all want to make the most out of our websites and you can start optimizing your Adsense advertising today with this blog. Even if you already use Adsense on your site this blog will help you increase your click throughs and keep more traffic coming to your site. Over the next few months the blog will be updated with tips and tools to help you make the most of your site including SEO hints to help increase your traffic. Have you ever wanted to create sites that bring you more traffic and revenue MFA sites are valuable but only if you know how to make them unique and visible to traffic. This recent blog series talks about how important your content is to your readers and how it will lead to more revenue. Check out this blog everyday for more unique information on how to monetize your current and new sites with Adsense.

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To rent or buy, the age old question

Posted on 26 May, 2007 by TC | Be "The First" to say something

This is a common dilemma with many people. Am I better off if I buy a house or if I continue renting? As with all personal finance questions, the answer is “it depends”.

It depends on what is most important to you.

Pure Finance

If you are looking at the pure finance of the decision then you are better of renting. It is a fact that unless you buy with a view to add value via development, you will come out miles in front if you are renting. The cost of a mortgage is so HUGE, and the opportunity cost of having money tied up in the mortgage, versus out in the market place earning all sorts of ridiculous interest at the moment is very high.

Something to ponder. Next in the series: Is money everything anyway? The downside of pure finance.

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8 Tips to becoming a millionaire

Posted on 23 May, 2007 by TC | Be "The First" to say something

<h3>1. Follow your passion</h3>

We talked about passion <a href=””>yesterday</a>. If you are doing what you love you are more likely to go that extra mile, and it is contagious and people notice when someone loves what they are doing

<h3>2. Seize opportunity</h3>

If you are going to throw the ball at some point you actually have to let it go. That is the metaphor I think of here. We cannot hold on to and control everything in our life and our business. If we want to be successful with our personal finance or any part of our lives, then we need to be ready to take action when opportunity knocks.

<h3>3. Exploit your talents</h3>

I tell our kids that if they are great at something they will make money, no matter what the skill.

<h3>4. Learn the ropes</h3>

Study and research are keys to all success. Know how other successful people got that way. And copy it.

<h3>5. Have a plan
Similar to number 4. But, more focus here on goal setting. If you have tangible, time bound objectives you focus your energy and attention. Goal setting is as important as it ever was.

<h3>6. Put-in the time</h3>

Some people say it takes 12 months to establish a business properly. And most all successful people will tell that they got where they are from a lot of hard work. Unless people WIN a million dollars, they always put in a lot of effort.
7. Be patient</h3>

Do not give up on your dreams if you do not make a million dollars in the first month. Keep working hard, keep learning, and keep improving your skill.

<h3>8. Take a chance</h3>

If you want great things in life you need to be prepared to take a risk. Put yourself out there. Read <a href=””>Seth Godin</a>. And do not give up.

I found this list on <a href=””></a>.

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How the credit card game is rigged

Posted on 19 May, 2007 by TC | Be "The First" to say something

This would not be a personal finance blog if I did not pump you full of fear about the evils of credit cards and credit card companies from time to time. And it would surely not give me any challenge to secure advertising to pay the mortgage either.. LOL.

I was reading one of my favorite Washington post columnists Michelle Singletary this morning and I found a little post of hers on “How they rig the credit card game“.

Universal Default

The first of the dirty tactics, which is an industry standard, is called universal default. It is basically the right the credit card company reserves to hike your interest rate if you miss a payment, over draw against you approved limit, etc.

Two Cycle Billing

Where a company charges interest based on two cycle billing the interest is calculated on the balance you carry over the previous two months. For example, say you start the first billing cycle with a zero balance and then charge $1,000. Even if you make a payment of $900, leaving you with a balance of $100, you still pay interest on the entire two-month billing cycle, so you pay interest not only on the $100 balance, but also on the $900 from the first month.

Fine Print is confusing most Americans

Recently the Senate’s subcommittee on investigations took a look at some of the credit card industry practices. Credit card executives were summoned to Congress in January and again for the subcommittee hearing this month to defend outrageous fees and interest rates.

“I don’t believe that the average consumer understands it, believes it, thinks it’s fair, and I don’t either,” said Sen. Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.), chairman of the Senate permanent subcommittee on investigations.”

The Government Accountability Office found that while millions of consumers use credit cards, many are confused by their own credit card agreements.

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The deals online are better. Period.

Posted on 15 May, 2007 by TC | Be "The First" to say something

Here is the last in today’s installment of great resources for finding and comparing the information you need for debt help, secured loans, finding out what is an IVA, or simply to compare mortgages.

I have said this already today, but I wanted to mention it again, because it just blows me away that people are still skeptical about conducting business on the internet.

I have been working pretty serious online for around 12 months now, and while I have come across some interesting and colourful scams, I still find it bewildering that people hold back from taking full advantage of what the net has to offer.

One of the glaringly obvious examples of what I am trying to point to here is online shopping. Let’s say you are in the market for insurance, a loan, or whatever. Normally what you do is go around to all your local providers and you ask them what they can do for you. Then you go away and you compare each of them, and choose the provider that appeals to you the strongest.

My point is very simple. If you are prepared to do your shopping around on the net, then you have access to a GLOBAL marketplace, and a virtually unlimited number of providers. And you cannot tell me that kind of market force is not going to produce a better deal for you?

I think it just a matter of time, as companies like Google, Ebay, Microsoft, Yahoo, Firefox and others raise the integrity level of the internet, and build people’s confidence about the authenticity of the providers and websites you can search on, people will be drawn in more and more.

Until that happens, though, the smart people will continue to pull ahead of everyone else. And not by doing anything much more fancy, but simply by using what is already available, and not holding back. The deals online are better. Period.

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How passionate are you about your investments?

Posted on 8 May, 2007 by TC | Be "The First" to say something

More and more of us are opting to follow our passions when we invest. This year, high-income families will place 22% of their assets in alternative investments, according to Capgemini and Merrill Lynch, up from 10% in 2002.

How do you invest?

It seems some of us feel an increasing need to connect emotionally with the things in which we investment our money.

It also makes good sense.

If you have a passion for the things in which you invest you are also much more likely to go deep with your research and also much more likely to pay careful attention to the balance and mix of your portfolio over time.

Passion is key to success

Passion is one of the fundamental keys to success. I was watching an interview with Christina Aguilera on the weekend and something she said stood out.. here you have a performer worth in excess of $60Million, just coming off one of the all time successful records.. and her comment was “You have to stay hungry”.

Finding those things that really drive us.. whether they are the good things that success and achievement will bring.. or whether success is the by-product that will come of investing ourselves deeply in our passions. The same line holds true.

Passion remains one of the fundamentals to success. If not the actual foundation itself. I remember the equation I was taught growing up that success = ability x effort. And the emphasis was always on the fact it was a multiplication sign (rather than a plus sign).

So, if you had 10 out of 10 for ability and 0 effort your results were going to be 0. But, if your effort was something, any ability was going to produce a result.

Passion in Investing

The same principles apply to any task. Investing included. If you have passion for your investments you will have a good chance of success. (At least one side of the equation will have some numbers on it)

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Here are some Online Resources for Microsoft Certification

Posted on 4 May, 2007 by TC | Be "The First" to say something

You may have noticed that Microsoft certifications are one of most popular and valuable certifications in the IT industry, today. In fact, many jobs require certain MS certifications as a pre-requisite to employment. And, rest assured that the best way to ensure this happens is to study beforehand. Now, there are quite a few ways for you to go about your Microsoft Office training but if you are as busy as everyone else you probably don’t want to have to go to classes at a specific time and in a specific location. Luckily, you don’t have to because you can study for Microsoft Office online.

One option is for you to take the different classes offered right over the Internet. They are self paced and you can move along at your own pace. This is an excellent option for many individuals interested in their Microsoft Office certification. Another method of studying that might help you is a Microsoft Office training CD. Just play the CD on your computer when you have some time and see what is offered. You will likely notice that you can study at your own speed and take different chapters and topics at a time. That means you learn in a way that is easy for you and not on some professor’s schedule. If this doesn’t seem like the best way for you to learn then you can always check out the Microsoft Office training videos that are available. These videos are like watching a movie in a way but they are preparing you for your Microsoft Office certification.

You might prefer to take a course instead of studying online or study online instead of a traditional course. Or, you may be like many others and make the decision to study online, through video, and with any other method that will help you learn all you need to know for your Microsoft Certification exams.

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How to invest like Warren

Posted on 4 May, 2007 by TC | Be "The First" to say something

Warren Buffet is the world’s second richest man. He is Chairman and CEO of Birkshire Hathaway Inc. And is considered the world’s best investor.

The numbers do not lie. If you invested $10,000 in Birkshire Hathaway in 1965 you would have $51 Million now. Compared to $497,431 if the money were invested in the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index.

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What is the best type of investment, long term?

Posted on 4 May, 2007 by TC | Be "The First" to say something

Mark Dowie of the San Francisco magazine writes that “for 35 years Bay Area finance revolutionaries have been pushing a personal finance strategy that brokers despise and hope you ignore”.

What is it? Index Funds.

What do the experts say

Nobel Prize winning economist Bill Sharpe, from Stanford University, sums it up quite simply “don’t try to beat the market.”

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Global Marketplace, Why the internet makes you more money

Posted on 26 Apr, 2007 by TC | Be "The First" to say something

I have found a couple more great sites today for comparing loans. I will post them up as the day goes along. But, here is another brilliant site for when you are researching debt consolidation, personal loans, whether they be secured loans or unsecured. And any type of finance generally.

This site will suit UK readers best, but it offers finance solutions and information that is not only relevant but also accessible and useful for readers from all countries.

The finance world is a global market now, and it does not matter where your are residing, you just need internet access and all the usual bona fides, and you can benefit from the great deals and rates available in whatever country you choose.

This to me is the distinct advantage the online person has over people that are still trying to do their business, investing and general wealth creation off-line. When you are able to access global competition for your business you raise the bar on what people have to do to gain your business. Then you sprinkle in a little bit of global economies of scale, from the perspective of the really big players, and what you have is a MUCH better offer. Whether that is for finance products, or any other category. The internet is the marketplace of the future. So, you may as well start taking advantage of it now, because you are just missing out if you do not.

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Know your reason for striving

Posted on 18 Apr, 2007 by TC | Be "The First" to say something

I love to compare loans, whether you are talking unsecured loans for personal lifestyle items, maybe a new couch or a new TV, or whether you are talking the larger secured loan for a house, investment property or some shares.

I am VERY interested in my personal debt to asset ratio, and how much I am able to leverage and gear at any particular time. It is really helpful, I think, for any investor or would be investor to have a handle on what they can borrow, what they can repay, and what their goals are.

I think the last point is crucial. You need to have clear goals about what you want to achieve with personal finance. Whether than is to raise your standard of living, retire early (my goal), or just buy a ferrari. Knowing your reason for striving is the first step, and if you build enough passion into the first step the rest are relatively easy. If you have the tools. Which is what we are all about here on this blog.

Read more about comparing loans.

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How to get over your fear of public speaking?

Posted on 12 Apr, 2007 by TC | Be "The First" to say something

The biggest asset most of us will have during our lives is our career. It is worth millions of dollars over our entire lifetime.

We will be posting regular tips and tricks here at Investments & Loans for you to stay in front of the curve at work. Starting today with our public speaking cheat notes.

Fear of public speaking

Public speaking is the number one thing people are afraid of in the world, even ahead of death! But, if you can gain some mastery over your fears and some proficiency in your delivery, you will set yourself apart from your colleges. Look at the managers in your organization, look at the CEO, they are all people that communicate well. And they are also people that will notice if a person can handle themselves in front of a group with confidence and calm.


First off we have a look at what our friends at have to offer on the subject:

1. Practise your speech in front of a mirror. This is a good way to pick up ums and ahs and to see if you do distracting things like sway or shuffle from side to side.

2. Practise your speech to a wall. This tip is the exact polar opposite of the first one. It should help you to block out distractions when you come to give your speech. Also, notice that each of these tips is starting with the word “practise”.

3. Practise with a friend.
You should be relaxed enough with your friend to be able to get some honest feedback. Make sure it is constructive though.

4. Practise with a peer (non-friend). This is useful because it starts to add some pressure. Make sure like before, you probe this person for feedback on your delivery.

5. Record yourself. Similar to the mirror, except you can analyse at a higher level of detail.

6. Do a dry run. And make it realistic. If possible go to the venue, and go through the whole speech. Make it as realistic as possible, wear similar clothes etc.

7. Do not only practise on your family. Make sure you set yourself some difficult practise goals. If you want to excel you need to challenge yourself.

Investments & Loans tip here is that you need to start to change the way you think about scary and challenging situations. You can either follow the adversarial approach to self development which says I will attack my fears and I will destroy them, for that will make me more powerful.. or you can equally effective follow the logical and methodical route which is to recognise the benefits of the desired skill set, research the required steps to achieve said skills, and then systematically go about following those rules.

University of California

And from Berkley we find this list which is far too long to the same level of detail as the previous list, so I will present the categories of discussion with a brief commentary:

1. Audience analysis. Remember the audience is the beneficiaries of the speech, don’t make too many assumptions, know things like demographics, knowledge, skill level. What do I want my audience to know? How do I want me audience to feel?

2. Openings and Closings. Stay away from predictable openings and closings. Begin with a question, anecdote or current affair. Plan a rythmn to your speech and plan time for questions.

3. Preparation. Decide what is essential, what is important and what would be nice. Set objectives. Plan your speech to cover less than the allotted time. Divide the speech into roughly equal segments. Speak from notes rather than a complete text.

4. Delivery. Be conversational, speak naturally. Vary your pace and voice. Use body language. Look at the audience. Use metaphors. Observe the techniques of others.

5. Credibility and Commitment.
Credibility is enhanced by your own comfort. Your enthusiasm. Your research and ideas. Commitment is enhanced by relating from your own experiences, taking a 1st person approach, relating your “passion” for the subject.

6. Building Interaction. Have questions prepared. Start with easy questions, that are relatively accessible. Get the audience to discuss with the person sitting next to them to break the ice. Move around a bit.

7. Handling Questions. Be direct. Encourage questions. Be aware of how your behaviour and tone set the mood and atmosphere for questions. Answer directly. Make sure everyone can hear you. Clarify questions.

8. Always get feedback.
Always get the class to give feedback at the end. Use eye contact to notice if people have questions, and ask them if they need clarification, if they say no, clarify anyway.

That is a good resource right there. Very detailed. Perhaps a little geared toward our academic friends, but some good tips in there.

Some more resources

Finally we have tracked down two great articles from

Tips for public speaking
Public speaking dos and donts

If you have any other tips you have found useful in your public speaking please feel free to comment, or to disagree. Every healthy team needs a good dissident!

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Tips for picking great birthday gifts for mom

Posted on 24 Mar, 2007 by TC | Be "The First" to say something

Moms really do love any gifts made by or from their kids, but we all want to surprise our mom with unique and personal pressies. The following ideas are different enough for them to be unique and ones that you probably haven’t already used, while also being cool enough that most moms will love them! These birthday gift ideas are just a few for your consideration. If you have others then by all means use them. You know your mom best!

Quilting Books
Lots of moms love quilting and your mom may too. Whether she actively quilts or would like to get started you can help her by buying her quilting books for her birthday. She will love the books because she can read them at her own pace as well as find important information about quilting. There will likely be important information in the books about which long arm sewing machines to buy and the like. many moms love quilting, so she will really love any quilting gifts. She can even read about quilting frames or sewing machines and which ones are best.

Car Detail
Another fun gift is to have your mom’s car detailed. She probably loves a clean car inside and out, but moms are busy creatures and cleaning her car probably isn’t at the top of the “to do” list. So, have her car detailed for her or else give her a certificate so she can take her car in when she haves time. She will really appreciate the gift and will enjoy having a clean car!

Reupholster her Couch
This idea is fabulous for moms who love beautiful fabrics but who have a hard time getting rid of old furniture. A great way to mix the two together is have an old couch or chair reupholstered with a new and beautiful fabric your mom will love. If you aren’t great with picking out fabric then take your mom fabric shopping with you one day for a “project” of your own and find out what fabrics she loves. Then you can surprise her! She will love the idea and the effort on your part.

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Easy Cell Phone Unlocking

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Everyone has a cell phone those days, but not everyone knows the hidden features of the cell phones. If you have purchased a cell phone that you really like, know how to use, and you consider an investment you don’t have to sell it or buy a new one just because you don’t want to stick with the same cell phone provider. Instead, you need an unlock code that will allow you to use your phone with any service, or SIM card. While the phone is yours, many cell phone providers lock their phones, so that you cannot use the phone with any other service provider.

There are two basic ways to unlock cell phone devices. Many times you will have a cell phone that can be unlocked by entering a code into it. The code is unique to your phone and is linked to the serial number of the phone. This code can be purchased for as little as $5 and when you enter it into your phone it will become unlocked and you can travel internationally or switch cell phone providers.

Other phones require that you unlock service or their operating system, basically the operating system has to be rewritten to remove the lock. If you have this type of phone you will need to connect it via a data cable to a programming unit. This is a bit more expensive, but if you are attached to the phone it is worth it and this can be done quite easily and affordably. Cell phones these days such as a Treo or a Blackberry are an investment, so it makes sense that you want to hold onto it and unlock it under any circumstances. If you have a phone that you consider disposable, you may want to simply buy one of unlocked cell phones if you don’t want to pay more than $5 for an unlock code. This means that you are free to choose the provider of your choice. When you sign up with a new provider, you should inquire about whether or not your phone will become locked again, as this is possible.

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Common Ingredients In Makeup

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There are many ingredients listed on our makeup bottles or jars. But they all look so confusing and many people aren’t quite sure what they really are. Here is a quick rundown of the most common makeup ingredients.

Acid: - Acids are sometimes used in small quantities to adjust the pH of a product. There are a few different kinds: Citric, boric, phosphoric, sulphuric, hydrochloric and lactic.

Alcohol: - Most commonly used as a lubricant or emollient. These alcohols aren’t drying to the skin.

Almond: - Most products add almond kernels to act as a gentle scrub for your skin. It removes dead skin cells and helps clean dirt out of the pores.

Aloe: - This is very common in beauty products as its known for its healing and soothing properties. Aloe juice is also very beneficial for the skin.

Camphor: - This comes from the wood of the camphor tree and is known for its soothing properties.

Coconut Oil: - This oil is best known for its lubricating, soothing and cleansing properties. It is mainly used in shampoos or soaps.

Collagen: - This is best known for assisting in the elasticity of your skin. The collagen that is found in cosmetics actually comes from animals.

Formaldehyde: - This is basically just a gas used in products that acts as a preservative and disinfectant.

Glycerine: - This comes from animal fats and is used as an emollient.

Laureth: - This is the emollient that comes from coconut oil.

Oleic Acid: - This is a fatty acid that comes from olives.

Seaweed: - We all know what seaweed is but it is used to thicken some cosmetics and products.

Soy Oil: - This comes from the soybean and is used in moisturizers and conditioners.

Talc: - Talc is a soft mineral that is usually used to make talcum powder. It is also used in cosmetics such as powders to help with coverage.

Urea: - This is a compound that can be formed in the body but can also be made as a synthetic version..

Witch Hazel: - Witch Hazel comes from the witch hazel shrub but is also mixed with alcohol to give it cleansing properties.

Zinc Oxide: - This is a white coloured powder added to cosmetics for pigment.

Bubble Gum Lip Gloss by Lip Ink Semi Permanent Cosmetics

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Detox Bath Salts

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Aromatherapy nurses you back to health with crisp scents such as tea tree and spearmint oils. Best Bath Store’s Detox Bath Salts are popularly used for aches, pains, colds and following deep tissue massages. The Eucalyptus present in this formula produces a refreshing, cooling effect during and after use. Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, Glycerin, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree Spearmint Essential Oils.

Detox Bath Salts

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Food For Your Skin

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We all know the saying “You Are What You Eat” and this is especially true when it comes to your skin. If you eat alot of unhealthy foods you are putting many free radicals into your body which damage skin cells.

To keep your skin looking its best make sure you have a healthy diet.

* Antioxidants are vital in reducing the damage caused by free radicals.Try to eat at least 5 brightly coloured fruits and vegetables a day to get your daily intake of antioxidnats.

* Protein is just as important. 100g of protein a day is recommended to keep the elasticity in your skin. A good source of protein is in chicken and especially fish. Red meat also contains protein but try to stick to lean red meat to reduce fat intake.

* Dehydration plays a big part in dull looking skin. For a brighter complexion make sure to drink 3-4 litres of water a day.

* When it comes to carbohydrates, try to stick to low GI foods as they dissolve the sugars slower into your body and reduce the chance of cell damage.

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The eyes are the main focus of a persons face. Using eyeliner can dramatically change the shape of your eyes.

* To make dark eyes look darker apply a black or dark brown eyeliner on the upper eyelid starting above the pupil and follow all the way to the outer corner. Apply another line on the lower eyelid only right below the pupil.

*To make protruding eyes seem less obvious, apply dark brown eyeliner from corner to corner of both the eyelids. Blend the eyeliner on the upper eyelid.

* To make eyes appear wider use an eyeliner one shade darker than your eyeshadow. Apply the eyeliner from the middle of the upper eyelid to the outer corner. Apply a small line close to the outer corner of the lower eyelid.

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* Eyelashes look the best when they are darker than the hair and eyebrows.

* Always apply your mascara as the final touch to your makeup.

* Try to keep the mascara to a minimum on the lower lashes to prevent the look of dark shadows under the eyes.


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Always use a lipliner to emphasise the lips and give your lipstick a neater finish. The lipliner should be slightly darker than the lipstick.

If you have thin lips apply lipliner outside the natural lipline to give a fuller appearance,

To make lips appear thinner apply the lipliner inside the natural lipline.


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Tips for Filing 1040EZ Online

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It’s amazing how much tax filing has changed in the last few years and today it is easier than ever and finally hassle free. Or at least much less of a hassle anyway! The following tips will prove helpful when you complete your 1040EZ online.

Tip #1 Information

First of all before you ever sit down at the computer you will want to get all of your tax information together that you will need to properly file your form 1040EZ. It is not acceptable to simply skip requested information on your taxes so make sure you are prepared. If for some reason you don’t know all the forms you will need like W2s, 1099s, interest payments, taxes paid, student loan payments made and the like then log on to the website first to see what is necessary, collect it, and then return to the computer.

Tip #2 Log onto the IRS website

Once you have all of the necessary information ready to go you are prepared to log on to the website and file your taxes. Keep in mind there are different types of tax software you can use or else you can file straight from the website. Whatever works for you is the best way to go. Keep in mind however that you need to file your taxes on time or otherwise file for an extension so you don’t have any problems with the IRS. That’s the last thing you want!

Tip #3 Review Information

Once you have filled in all the necessary information it is a good idea to double check everything. You don’t want to miss filling in any information that could result in more money back for you or less taxes you have to pay! Take a couple of minutes and really look over all the information you have input and make sure it is correct. When you double check things you catch mistakes and correct them before you submit your 1040A.

These are just a few tips that will help you complete your 1040EZ online. It truly is amazing how easy it is to file taxes these days if you just decide to do it yourself over the Internet. Of course, if you have very complicated taxes you will likely benefit from a CPAs expertise. Otherwise, take these tips and file yourself over the Internet! You will be glad you did.

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When choosing a foundation the more natural the colour the better. Theres nothing worse than seeing a women with the wrong colour foundation and either looking like a ghost or having a bright orange face.

If you have normal or dry skin, an oil based foundation is better. For oily skin try to get an oil free foundation to prevent shine and help your makeup last longer.

* Always apply a powder after foundation to give a matte finish. Dip the brush into powder and tap it to remove excess powder. Apply in downward strokes over the whole face.

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Choosing Colours

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When applying makeup the most important factor is colour selection. There are no set rules for colours but the following groups are the best to stick to.

Blondes: Cool tones are great for blondes. Lavenders, plums and greens for the eyes and pale pinks for the cheeks and lips.

Redheads: Any autumn colours can be used for redheads. Browns, coppers, golds and peaches are perfect for eyes, cheeks and lips.

Brunettes: Dramatic colours are the best for brunettes. Use dark, smoky colours for the eyes and deep pinks or deep bronzes for the cheeks.


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Basic Skin Care

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Basic Skin Care

We all want our skin to look its best, Plenty of water and a healthy diet is vital for clear, healthy looking skin.

Skin should be cleansed, toned and moisturised every morning and night to keep it clean and healthy. Keeping that in mind, different skin types have different needs.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is caused from the skin not producing enough natural oils to keep it hydrated.

* For dry skin, cleanse twice a day with a creamy cleanser. Then apply a very light toner followed by a thick moisturiser.

Oily Skin

Oily skin produces too much natural oil and the face always appears too shiny and doesnt hold makeup as long.

* For oily skin cleanse twice a day with a foaming cleanser. Apply a mild toner and make sure to use an oil free moisturiser.

Combination Skin

Combination skin can be dry in some areas and usually a little bit oily on the forehead, the nose and the chin (The “T Zone”)

* For combination skin cleanse twice a day with a moisture enriched cleanser. Apply toner to the whole face with a bit extra on the “T Zone”. Apply moisturiser to the dry areas but only lightly over the “T Zone”.

Normal Skin

Normal skin is neither too dry or too oily.

* For normal skin cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day with mild products.

* A gentle scrub is great for all skin types, 2-3 times a week to revive the skin and make it look its best.

* Always wash makeup off before going to bed to prevent clogged pores.


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Lancome Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss

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 I absolutely love lip gloss and cant leave the house without it. Lancome Juicy Tubes Gloss would have to be my favourite.

It goes on smoothly and isnt sticky like alot of other lip glosses. They have a great range of colours for every season to give your lips a great shine.

Lancome Juicy Tubes Smoothie Lip Gloss .5 oz

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