8 Tips to becoming a millionaire

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<h3>1. Follow your passion</h3>

We talked about passion <a href=””>yesterday</a>. If you are doing what you love you are more likely to go that extra mile, and it is contagious and people notice when someone loves what they are doing

<h3>2. Seize opportunity</h3>

If you are going to throw the ball at some point you actually have to let it go. That is the metaphor I think of here. We cannot hold on to and control everything in our life and our business. If we want to be successful with our personal finance or any part of our lives, then we need to be ready to take action when opportunity knocks.

<h3>3. Exploit your talents</h3>

I tell our kids that if they are great at something they will make money, no matter what the skill.

<h3>4. Learn the ropes</h3>

Study and research are keys to all success. Know how other successful people got that way. And copy it.

<h3>5. Have a plan
Similar to number 4. But, more focus here on goal setting. If you have tangible, time bound objectives you focus your energy and attention. Goal setting is as important as it ever was.

<h3>6. Put-in the time</h3>

Some people say it takes 12 months to establish a business properly. And most all successful people will tell that they got where they are from a lot of hard work. Unless people WIN a million dollars, they always put in a lot of effort.
7. Be patient</h3>

Do not give up on your dreams if you do not make a million dollars in the first month. Keep working hard, keep learning, and keep improving your skill.

<h3>8. Take a chance</h3>

If you want great things in life you need to be prepared to take a risk. Put yourself out there. Read <a href=””>Seth Godin</a>. And do not give up.

I found this list on <a href=””></a>.

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