Whether you exercise occasionally or you are dedicated to a regular work-out routine, it is important to talk to your physician and discuss your limitations for exercising after breast implant surgery.

At the Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery in Denver, Colorado, Dr. David R. Broadway places as much emphasis on the post-operative care of his patients as he does on the pre-surgery communication and surgical care.

Post-surgery factors
The average recovery time needed before you can resume full activity following breast augmentation surgery is generally four to six weeks. This recovery depends on the individual patient and may vary due to other factors. In the weeks immediately following surgery, it is best to maintain a light activity level. Discuss your goals for resuming activities with your surgeon so you can decide together what plan of action will be most conducive to your recovery.
Once your body is healing and you feel up to it, it is wise to begin with daily walks for a short period of time. This will trigger your body’s circulation and get you started on working up to a more rigorous work-out in the weeks to come. Remember, you have just undergone an invasive surgery procedure. It will take some time for your body to be able to handle a level of activity that matches what you are used to. This is especially true if you maintain a regular exercise routine a few days a week.

Some points to consider
· You do not want to take part in any activity that puts stress on your upper body until your incisions have healed and you are feeling capable of resuming your normal activity. Do not push your body beyond what it is ready to handle.

· Get your surgeon’s approval before you begin any regular exercise routine.

· Be sure you have a good sports bra that offers complete support to prevent injury or relapse in your healing process.

· Keep your incision clean until it has completely healed. Sweat in the incision may cause irritation and possibly infection.

· When bathing daily or after work-outs, be sure that you do not soak your stitches and incisions. This may cause difficulties with proper healing.

Adjusting to your new breasts
After your breast augmentation surgery, you may experience a short period of time during which you feel as though your range of motion has been reduced. You may not have the reach you had prior to your surgery and you may need to adjust to your new breasts during other physical activities where they may “get in the way.”

This is especially true if you have had larger implants placed. Give yourself time to adjust to your new body and give your body time to adjust to everything as well. If you experience any problems, do not hesitate to contact your surgeon immediately. The sooner he is aware of a problem, the sooner it can be addressed.

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