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Everyone has a different face shape but they can all be grouped into basic categories: Oval, Round, Long, Heart, Square and Pear

Blusher should always be applied according to your face shape and can also enhance definition.

Oval: To give extra definition to an oval face, apply blusher along the hollow of the cheeks. Start below the center of the eye and finish at the hairline.

Round: To make a round face appear slimmer, apply blusher in a triangular shape parallel to the ear, with the narrow point directly under the outer edge of the eye.

Long: Apply blusher in a rectangle shape along the cheekbone to make the face appear shorter.

Heart: Apply blusher in a square shape on the hollow of the cheeks.

Square: To make the bone structure of a square face seem softer, apply blusher in a circle on the broader part of the cheekbone.

Pear: Apply blusher lightly in a half circle along the temple to balance the face.

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