How to Find a Local Lender Online

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Are you shopping around for a home loan? One of the easiest ways to find a broker or local lender is by searching online. You can find a broker or lender in any specific area that will offer you great rates and the personalized service you are looking for. Start with your favorite search engine and shop for a lender located exactly where you would like.

How can you use a search engine to find a broker or lender in your area? If you want to eliminate lenders outside a specific geographic region, it is helpful to narrow your search. Instead of searching for “mortgage lender” on a search engine, include the city name as well as the zip code or telephone area code.

For example, if you are looking for an Orlando mortgage, typing the words Orlando and mortgage will return 2 million results in a popular search engine. Placing the phrase in quotation marks as in “Orlando mortgage” will bring you 51,000 instead. Adding the area code 407 after “Orlando mortgage” returns around 2,000 results. You could also try using one of Orlando’s zip codes for even more targeted results.

You can start contacting lenders sooner when you have access to exactly what you want in the first place. Although 2 thousand results are still a lot, it is a much simpler task to browse a few of these than combing through millions of irrelevant results.

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