Tips for picking great birthday gifts for mom

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Moms really do love any gifts made by or from their kids, but we all want to surprise our mom with unique and personal pressies. The following ideas are different enough for them to be unique and ones that you probably haven’t already used, while also being cool enough that most moms will love them! These birthday gift ideas are just a few for your consideration. If you have others then by all means use them. You know your mom best!

Quilting Books
Lots of moms love quilting and your mom may too. Whether she actively quilts or would like to get started you can help her by buying her quilting books for her birthday. She will love the books because she can read them at her own pace as well as find important information about quilting. There will likely be important information in the books about which long arm sewing machines to buy and the like. many moms love quilting, so she will really love any quilting gifts. She can even read about quilting frames or sewing machines and which ones are best.

Car Detail
Another fun gift is to have your mom’s car detailed. She probably loves a clean car inside and out, but moms are busy creatures and cleaning her car probably isn’t at the top of the “to do” list. So, have her car detailed for her or else give her a certificate so she can take her car in when she haves time. She will really appreciate the gift and will enjoy having a clean car!

Reupholster her Couch
This idea is fabulous for moms who love beautiful fabrics but who have a hard time getting rid of old furniture. A great way to mix the two together is have an old couch or chair reupholstered with a new and beautiful fabric your mom will love. If you aren’t great with picking out fabric then take your mom fabric shopping with you one day for a “project” of your own and find out what fabrics she loves. Then you can surprise her! She will love the idea and the effort on your part.

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