How to Tell if You Can Trust a Supplier

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Whenever we buy something, we want to feel good about the supplier. Trust is essential if a company is to gain a sale. As a sales associate, I was once taught that one of the keys to making a sale was to instill confidence in the buyer. I believe this is true of e-commerce sites as well as individuals who sell to us face to face.

When I need to buy electronic parts, I absolutely will not buy from anyone I don’t completely trust based on the appearance of their website. If their website looks crappy, what are the odds their products are going to be top quality? If their electronic part numbers catalog isn’t convenient to use, why should I believe they can even find what I want to order? A website doesn’t have to look like it cost a million bucks to instill confidence. It does have to convince me that the supplier knows their business and is committed to servicing me, the customer.

Trust is so essential when it comes to electronic parts because you need them to complete a job or project, and nothing else will do. If electronic part numbers begin with X and you order them and are sent Y parts instead, you will have to wait even longer. If X parts arrive but they are broken, you will also have to wait. While it may not always be the case, trustworthy suppliers don’t usually screw up orders or sell less than top quality items. That’s what trust in sales and purchasing is all about.

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