Java and Applets

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Applets are Java programs that can be embedded in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Created by Sun in 1995, they are usually used to add interactivity to web applications, because these interactivities can’t be generated by HTML.

Applets are executed in a sandbox by most of the browsers. So, applets are not allowed to access machine data in which they are executed. The browser that executes an applet is generically called applet container.

Applet code is downloaded from a web server and the browser embeds it inside a web page or opens a new window exhibiting the program interface. Applets are exhibited in a web page by using APPLET tag, that specifies the source and the statistics of the applet location. Applets’ location cannot be controlled by CSS’s.

Java 2 Software Development Kit (J2SDK) includes an applet container (called appletviewer) to test applets before you embed them in a web page.


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