Know your reason for striving

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I love to compare loans, whether you are talking unsecured loans for personal lifestyle items, maybe a new couch or a new TV, or whether you are talking the larger secured loan for a house, investment property or some shares.

I am VERY interested in my personal debt to asset ratio, and how much I am able to leverage and gear at any particular time. It is really helpful, I think, for any investor or would be investor to have a handle on what they can borrow, what they can repay, and what their goals are.

I think the last point is crucial. You need to have clear goals about what you want to achieve with personal finance. Whether than is to raise your standard of living, retire early (my goal), or just buy a ferrari. Knowing your reason for striving is the first step, and if you build enough passion into the first step the rest are relatively easy. If you have the tools. Which is what we are all about here on this blog.

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