Loaning Your Van to Others

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If you have a van and want to loan it to another person, make sure you have proper van insurance in case there is an accident. Regardless of whether the person you want to loan your van to has this type of insurance or not, being properly covered is important because vans can be very expensive to repair and can cause damage to other vehicles. Before loaning the van, find out where the person will be going and when they will be back. Make sure they are insured as well. Even if they only have cheap car insurance, it is better than not having any auto insurance at all.

Before you loan another person your vehicle, you should instruct them on the best ways to drive it. If you have an older vehicle, you may need to show them how where all the buttons and controls are so they will not have to struggle when driving. Once you have shown them how to operate your vehicle, then you can give them the keys.

Being properly insured by having adequate car insurance and house insurance, you will be able to protect your belongings and those who borrow your car. If you are not confident that the person you are loaning the car to will return it in the same condition they borrowed it in, then may be you should reconsider.

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