Choosing the dress for your wedding day is likely to be the biggest decision regarding an item of clothing you will ever make in your life and with so many wedding dresses out there to choose from it can be somewhat overwhelming too. An array of colours, shapes and styles are available to the brides of today with one particular type of look chosen by many of late. The strapless wedding dress has featured on many catwalks and in turn on to the High Street where many ladies have decided to wear this look for their special day. However it’s time for strapless dresses to move over and make way for some refreshing new necklines.

From straps, sleeves and asymmetrical styles, each part of your dress is an important feature. The neckline has the ability to transform your overall look and brings the eye up towards your face. Here we describe the differing options of necklines.

Strapless – A common neckline chosen by many brides, this gown has no straps or sleeves. Many top heavy brides may feel self conscious and avoid trying on these types of wedding dresses, however in the right underwear and particularly in corset or lace back dresses you will be quite amazed at the lift and support they create.

Halter – Great for small or medium busted brides and especially athletic brides, this gown has two straps that fasten behind the neck.

Sweetheart – This popular design is the same shape as the top of a heart. It suits many body shapes and enhances the cleavage.

V-neck – This neckline is often with straps be it wide or slim and dips down into a point which can be as wide or as narrow as you desire. Whilst elongating the neckline it also creates an illusion of a smaller bust.

Asymmetrical – A contemporary and fashionable look at the moment that has been seen on many of the designers collections. It features a one shoulder strap or detailing.

Bateau – A good choice for narrow shoulders and smaller bustlines this wide necked shape follows the curve of your collarbone, usually to the edge of the shoulders.

Cowl neck – Seen on many column wedding dresses this loosely draped fabric neckline is great on tall brides. You choose how high or, if you want to flaunt a bit of skin, how low you want the neckline to sit.

Jewel – A style chosen at several celebrity weddings this high neck wedding dress sits high on the top of your collarbone. It can give an illusion of a larger bust.

High Collar – This sit high up covering the neck with a band like collar, it is also known as a Mandarin.

Scoop neck – Often called a Ballerina shape this is a round necked wedding dress that is a U like shape and is flattering on virtually all brides.

Square neck – Fancy showing off your well blessed bust? This neckline is cut straight across the front and is a very flattering shape on larger busted brides.

Off the Shoulder – Popular in the 90′s wedding era this neckline is great for creating an even silhouette – ideal for those ladies that are a pear shape. It sits just off the shoulders with a short cap-like sleeve that covers a small part of the arm.

Spaghetti Straps – Ideal if you are looking for a more casual wedding dress style, these gowns feature very thin shoulder straps.

Portrait – Expose your neck, decolletage and face with this elegant neckline. Featuring a wide scoop from shoulder to shoulder it is idea for making small or broad shoulders more in harmony with the rest of your body shape.

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