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Booking a catering service may seem that it simply entails picking up the phone and calling an Ontario Catering service and, in a way, it is. However, it is critical to work with the caterer in order to properly set up the event. Probably the best way to start would be to set up an appointment with the catering service and set up a meeting so as to discuss what type of an event you are having and what your specific needs and wants may be. You want to be and the same page as the caterer and that means providing them with critical information. For example, it is important to let the catering company know how many people will be attending the event. Also, it is important to inform the catering company of the location of the event. If you have not yet decided on the specific location then the catering location may very well be able to provide you will the particular location you would be interested in. Also, it is very critically important to inform the catering company what exactly your budget is and how much you are able to spend. If you follow this course of action, you will provide the catering service all the necessary information in order to deliver to you exactly what you need.

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