Super Fruit – Goji Berries

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Goji berries are sweet-taste, red coloured dried fruit from China. Chinese people have grown and consumed it for a few thousand years. Traditional Chinese medicine goji berries works on liver and kidney channels and enriches yin. Chinese doctors usually employ goji berries to treat liver, kidney, or eye diseases. In addition Chinese people consume goji berries in their daily lives to keep them healthy, young, and energetic.

Scientists have discovered many benefits of goji berries, for example: enhancing immune system, eight loss, anti-cancer, boost libedo, anti-aging etc. In July 2005 LA Times reported that goji berries can restrain some cancer cells. In July 2006 Time Magazine called goji berries “Breakout Superfruit of the Year”. Many published studies discussed medicinal benefits of goji berries, including its antioxidant properties, its potential roles against cardiovascular, inflammatory, and vision-related diseases, its neuro-protective properties, its roles as anticancer and immunomodulatory agent. Researchers have identified that goji berries contains many nutrients including 11 essential elements, 22 trace dietary minerals, 18 amino acids, 6 essential vitamins, 8 polysaccharides, and 6 monosaccharidesm. Goji berries have also become popular in Western countries such as USA, Japan, Canada and Europe.

Goji berries also contains such as 5 carotenoids (e.g. beta-carotene and zeaxanthin etc), a xanthophy, and many phenolic pigments associated with antioxidant properties, unsaturated fatty acids such as essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, beta-sitosterol and other phytosterols. Large amount of carotenoids in goji berries are zeaxanthin. Medical research indicated daily intake of goji berries can increase plasma zeaxanthin levels, which play an important role in eye health and eyesight.

Polysaccharides are major constituent of goji berries, representing up to 31% of pulp weight; whereas polysaccharides can increase metabolic rate, thus helping reduce body weight. In addition, it has been discovered that polysaccharides
of goji berries can protect testicular cells from damage and death.
This helps explain why
goji berries can help treating infertility. On the other hand, scientific experiments show polysaccharides can restrain leukemia cells, and can increase T-cells, which
demonstrates the goji berries anti-cancer properties.

For all of these reasons, goji berries have become a well-known super fruit in the world, and mostly found in the market as Tibetan or Himalaya goji.


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