Tax Reclaim tips that could make you $1000

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If you study, work part time, have recently retired there is a 95% possibility that you are due Tax Refund from the Inland Revenue. Amazingly there are currently millions of pounds of unclaimed tax which the government is holding as a result of people not having made the time or the energy to file a simple tax reclaim.

Everyone who is employed in the UK is given a tax free allowance, this year it is 5235 pounds. Consider a student, who might only work during their summer holidays, although their employer is required by law to deduct tax and proportion their tax free allowance against the whole year. This is where errors happen as the student is studying for the majority of the year not working for a whole tax year, meaning that they miss out on a big chunk of their tax free allowance. is a firm which has expertise in returning overpayment of tax from the Inland Revenue. They operate on a ‘No rebate-No fee’ basis so you have nothing to risk. Their average tax rebate is over one thousand pounds. Their web site is very informative with a number of resources such as an income tax calculator to help you calculate if you are due a refund as well as a Tax Help Blog which keeps you up to date with finance related news.

I think you agree that we all pay enough tax, make sure that you have not over paid any tax. You can check for free for the last 6 years, you really have nothing to lose and potentially thousands of pounds to gain!

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