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One of the best incentives for applying for credit cards
are rewards programs that provide the ability to redeem “points” for gifts. Now, any credit cards offer rewards programs, but probably the best of them all for avid readers would be the Visa. With the Visa you can redeem your points for pretty much anything that sells such as DVDs, books, magazines, etc. The minimum payout on a rewards card is $25 and it is achieved once toy have paid back $2500 towards the card. Now, this may seem like an excessive amount to spend for a free gift, but the reality is that you are simply taking advantage of free offers that this card provides and other loans do not. (Wouldn’t it be great if there was a reward program for mortgages
as well? Well, I can dream can’t I?) As such, the rewards program offered by Amazon is an incentive to use their particular card and, quite honestly, after looking at all the free goodies you can acquire it is definitely a great incentive! So, if you are an avid reader and make a lot of credit card purchases, you might as well use an Visa and take advantage of the program that they offer. This is what I do and I have amassed a number of great gifts for my effort.

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