The best shavers are not necessarily the most expensive ones. It is sensible not to run after the most expensive of all razors. This is because remember the kind of razors or electric shavers you require depends greatly on the quality and thickness of your beard. There are few razors or electric shavers that do not go well with thick hair while there are few others that will work well with thick hair but may not give you a close shave. So, it makes no sense in flaunting an expensive shaver while it is of no use to you.

You might come across many electric shavers or razors that are good looking and claim to be of excellent quality and have great durability. These are usually the local brands that will not last long. And yes these may have more number of features as compared to the branded stuff but if you go by their looks and extra features, you are a perfect candidate for being hoodwinked.

Shopping for the best shavers online

There are many great and dependable shavers that are doing their rounds in the market these days. Some of the big names in the industry are Philips Norelco, Remington, Panasonic, and Braun. There are yet others like the American Tourister Triple Head Shaver. The best part about this brand is that the battery life is good and so you don’t have to worry about recharging the battery frequently. There is a cleaning brush that comes with this Gold edition of American Tourister, and power cord. Also there is a storage case for the shaver.

The other great pick from among the best shavers around is the Braun series 7 that uses the pulsonic technology for getting a smooth shave. There are as many as 10,000 vibrations per minute with the shaver.

As compared to the American Tourister Triple Head shaver, Braun series 7 has more variety. Some of the features that you will find in the Braun series 7 include the following-

The Braun series 7 790cc model comes with an LCD that will allow you to see the battery level. The levels are seen on the LCD as low, medium, ad max.
The 7790cc model has the fast clean feature that will allow you to keep the shaver clean at all times.
You can also get hold of the Gillette Fusion Power and this is regarded as the cheapest and most affordable of all electric shavers that are available in the market these days.
The Philips Norelco 8060X is another good buy. There is a flexible head that rotates and glides throughout the contour of the face. The total time it takes for the battery to get charged is around 1 and half hours. With the whole battery fully charged, you get a total shaving time of 4 hours.
The Panasonic ES8243 is another electric shaver that you can bank upon for a great and smooth shave. It uses the so called turbo cleaning method for cleaning the razor.

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